Thursday, August 19, 2010

Darin's Sweet 16!

Today was my day off and I owed Darin a little sweet 16 celebration!! I would show you a pic of his birthday cake but Darin was cutting into it before i could even snap a
Notice how my big boy towers over all of us!!

Darin, Mom, and me.
Amber, mom, Darin and me

Darin, mom, Amber and Frank

Darin, mom, Amber Frank

This is what Darin thinks about turning 16!!!!
I love this boy!!!


MrsDoF said...

Happy Birthday! You are growing too fast. I remember pictures from other birthdays!

My friend Sue has a set of pictures like this, taken when her family was on vacation. The person Not in the photo was the one holding the camera.
It is so cute to see the different poses and expressions.

Her daughter got 5 frames and put in the 5 pictures using a cut-out board, giving a gift to hang nicely on the wall.

momma/mary said...

A big Happy Birthday to Darin and many more.

gammamoma said...

Darin is really looking like a MAN now. Such changes for our little man. Time has just flown. Love him so much! You've raised a great family!