Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday Smiday

At my kids school they had what they called a coney island night. It's the first one that i was able to go to with the kids, due to scheduling. I have to say that it was pretty nice and it got me out of cooking dinner for the night! Bonus!!! I was shocked that Amber polished off 4 coney dogs! She ate one after another, plus a cupcake for dessert. Darin at a couple plus a cookie or two. Plus they had raffles but we did not stick around to see who won anything i had to go and do the grocery shopping. Movies----- I hope that everyone that reads this goes out and rents "National Treasure" this is the greatest movie that i have seen in a long while. It really is a edge of your seat, keep you interested, kind of movie. I also watched "In good company" with Dennis Quaid, this movie was no National Treasure but it was a good family movie. The movie "Life Aquatic" with Bill Murray was one of the worst films i have seen since Freddy got fingered! No plot, no point, no comedy, just a plain waste of film and time. Was a total waste of a hour and a half of my time that i will not get back! Well i am gonna get some shut eye because i have to get up and take my dogs to the shot fair early in the morning. Take Care and have a great weekend!

Monday, April 25, 2005

This one is for the hard working ones of Blockbuster

Well Sunday was a proud day for us, Darin and Amber recieved their trophies and were suprised to recieve $40.00 in an envelope for participating half the year in bowling. They had a nice banquet, nothing fancy, pizza and pop and salad. To kids that's like heaven! What really suprised me is all the teams came up to us and said that they hoped we signed up next year. I'm pretty sure that we will! We really had a good experience with it. My son is hoping for a new bowling ball, i told him to wait and see.



I highly recommend "Blade trinity"..Had a nice combination of thriller, action, and a bit of comedy.
Nicole Kidman's "Birth" was boring as all get out! I like Nicole and cannot believe that she played in such a movie.

I am hoping that we get "National Treasure" tomorrow...i am dying to see that movie!

Work was the worst this past weekend! We were busier than anticipated due to the snow storm. Then one of our employees that was supposed to finish his last 2 days decides that he is not going to. So it left the night shift screwed! I called him and bitched him out for about 5 minutes, it was getting so heated that the other employee that worked with me that day almost grabbed the phone away from me. Anyways because of that Sunday we had to bust our asses to make the store look presentable for Monday. I know my girl Raycine reads my blog so i have to give her big Kudos!!!!! She is a bag of chips plus the frito lay factory! You worked your butt off and i want you to know that no one appreciates it more than I!!!!!!!!
Oh and by the way....No we were way under on hours last


Well time to get some shut i...night all

Friday, April 22, 2005

Bills, god i hate them.

Why does it feel like when i feel like i take one step forward, all of a sudden i am taking 3 steps back. Just as soon as i pay one bill the same bill is back in my mail box the next day. I hope work for my husband picks up soon or I will be in a mental institute for a breakdown cuz of stress! I hope and pray that things get like they used to be soon.

Even my work has started to stress me out, they are cutting hours like mad and talking about lay offs and there has even been mention that blockbuster may fold. I don't know how that can be cuz only a few short months ago they were talking about buying out hollywood video. I don't know what to believe. All i know is if I do lose my job I am screwed!!!!! I will never find a job that makes me near what i make now. And my check is the only thing keeping us going. I really don't want to have to do the job hunting thing and learning how to do things all over again. But like they say things happen for a reason and god don't give you more than you can handle. But i think in the past few years i have had my fill.


On the good news part- The project that i helped Darin do about the animal cell earned him an excellent A+!

well i can't think of anything else...this is what i was thinking all day
Take Care all and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I Can't believe my daughter

O.k...I am trying to stay calm...buttttttttttttttttttttttt....why does my daughter do the things she does? It's late and i just got home from work and one thing that i like to do is check the rooms and see what the kids have done while i have been gone for my 8 hour shifts. I grab up any dirty clothes or any minor things that need to be done so i don't have to do much but vacuum or sweep after driving the kids to school.

Lets start off by saying 2 days ago i came home to my daughters room and found that she had taken down all her pictures in her room and rearranged them. Ok fine...i let that slide and in fact don't look that bad.

Today i walk in pick up some dirty clothes and look over at her dresser and see chalk on it i took a closer look into one of her drawers and she has stashed every piece of sidewalk chalk she and her brother owns in her drawer!!!!!!!! This is not a little chalk, i am talking a heaping pile in her dresser drawer!!!

All i can say is let her give me some sh** in the morning and she will have me to deal with!!!

Before i posted this i had read another blogger by the name of Monica, and she was telling about how bad her daughter has been lately! And it reminded me of the little talk i had with my daughter about why she does what she does to upset me....I asked her "Don't you ever listen to the little voice inside you that says that you may get in trouble for this or that" her response
"I don't have little voices!" To be honest i did not know whether to get mad or laugh or what!!! lol Just thought i would vent a bit and share a humorous moment. now where did i put my

Monday, April 18, 2005

Just a Monday

Well Bowling went pretty well on Sunday, Darin bowled is all time high of 125. Darin was so excited when he found out his score, then all of a sudden a screw from his eye glasses popped out and he lost a lens and was blind for the next 2 games. I was hoping to see if he would have bowled even better for the next 2 games since his first game is usually pretty low. Frank also bowled a 156 his all time high game.

This Sunday is the banquet, were they are all getting their trophies and such. I'm looking forward to it. I think when they start up that league again we will all join this time.

Today i was geeked when I was taking my mother out I happened to come across a dresser that i really liked for my son that needs one because his is falling apart. And i really liked the price for it!!! Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone threw away a great dresser only thing wrong with it is they were missing 1 handle for it and it could use a bit of paint, but i probably can get away with it being like it is because alot of shows show that the distressed look is very in. He really likes his new dresser. I love curb shopping...but i usually don't find such a great find.

"Lemony Snicket" was alright after you get past the first half hour. But if i had paid for that movie at the theatre i would have been upset.
"Birth" was very very boring...i strongly suggest not renting that movie!
"Meet the Fokkers" was EXCELLENT! Way better than Meet the Parents. i laughed thru every minute of it!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Not looking forward to going back to work

I get to go back to work on Tuesday :P . I really got used to being home and doing what i want when i wanted to. Good news is i put in for another vacation the beginning of August. My husband and i are going to try and drive down to New Jersey for a few days and see his fathers house that he just recently started to rent. Anyways that's my plan! hope it will come to I really need my brakes checked out first! And now i am thinking that i need my air conditioning charged also...If it's not one thing it's another...

I am convinced that Frank's dad is moving to Michigan after he retires. I am not against it, but i am really not big on change. To have him around all the time is probably not going to be the best thing for my husband and i. Only reason being is his dad likes to drink and drink and drink. Now i am not a stick in the mudd at all. But i just don't believe that you need to drink for no reason at all. Parties ok., social gatherings ok. but not for just watching tv or doing nothing.
When i met Frank he drank so much that i did not think that we would be an item at all, but i just talked to him about my feelings and he quit drinking like a fish just for me. I knew he was a keeper after that.


Bowling today was awesome....My family was against a family that really actually know and we kicked butt!!!! They won first game but the 2nd game we won with about 60 pins to spare and the 3rd game we won by one pin! Serves them right to get a good ass

Franks scores was 108, 123, 123
Darin 90, 97, 121
Amber 59, 56, 37
She only got a 37 because she was having a pout fest on me.
Long story that i won't bore ya with

We just found out that their banquet is on the 24th. They are supposed to be getting trophy's and things on that day. Darin is truly loving bowling. He really wants to participate in another family one. I think that we will definitely do this again. And i am definitely doing with them next time.

sorry due to the fact that i was on vacation i did not watch any films.
Altho i did watch a film on T.V. that i had been wanting to watch but never got a chance to ...that was "Fried Green Tomatoes" I have to say that i thoroughly enjoyed this film. I guess that i just loved the actresses that played in this movie. And that i relate to the lady that decides that she had enough of people walking all over her and she finally takes a stand towards her husband and any other person that was not kind to her.

Mom is doing great! I got her to come over and get involved in something other than the television set and supervise me in my shelf installation. :)
She was a big help...
But the more i work on my house the more i realize that things that are supposed to work in houses or usually work, or rather standard operations in a house, the more i realise that my house is none of those things! My house is cursed with non standard living everything! lol
Anyways ......I really think that she enjoyed getting away from her house and actually doing something.

I have really been enjoying the last week not only because i did not have to work, but because the weather has been totally awesome. Buttttttttttt....Has anyone else been suffering from allergies? omg i feel like a bus parked on my face some days.

Well all i am tired now and tomorrow is a school day

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


This is my second day at home on my vacation. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be home. Although at times i feel like i am working harder now then at work. I'm actually getting to some things that need to be done, that i was waiting for some free time for. Like yesterday i took the kids to the dentist. I'm sure when i am done i will have spent a small fortune in the near future. Today i was informed from my son that he had a project that he needs to work on and you know what that means....MOM....HELP! So i went to a place called "Michaels" it's a craft store around here....God they carry everything. Well he has to make a animal cell, so i got a rather big styrofoam(i hope that i got that spelling right or close) ball, and some paint and some glue. I hope i get a good i mean he. I also picked up some shelfs that i have been looking for the kids rooms. Better yet, they were on sale, orginally $16.00 i got them for $8.47 each. Mom is going to come over and supervise my installation of these.


I can't believe how nice the weather has been lately. It has been so nice that i purchased a 4 square ball and have been out playing with the kids with it. I used to love that game when i was younger.

Well people i get to go to bed early tonight. laters.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hello All

Things have been pretty boring lately. But i hope that i can come up with something to say.
Easter turned out pretty good, my father treated us all out to eat. I thought that was really awesome. Everything was fine, quiet but fine. Mom was proud because me and my sister did not go on the war path. I have figured out that it is just not worth it.

The kids had to go on a scavenger hunt for the things they got. I would have paid money to see my kids first thing in the morning when they looked for easter baskets and they did not find them. My husband was up and he said that they walked out and looked around with the look of well where are they. He sent them in to wake me up, mind you that i went to bed around 4 in the morning making notes and hiding the items and was woke up at 7 in the morning. So i stumbled into the living room and their daddy pointed to the notes on the entertainment center. The kids were all over the house. One outfit sent them to another outfit, then to another. Finally my daughter goes "Is this it?" ""clothes?" I said" I don't know...keep following the notes." Finally they got to the baskets of candy.

You know they dropped all the clothes and dived right into the chocolate. So then i went back to bed for a few more hours of sleep, but you know how that goes, a big YEH RIGHT! I was woke up every 15 minutes for something. Oh well , anyways we then went out to eat and then i went to work! :( It always gets to me that the customers say "I feel sorry for you because you have to work on Easter" I always want to say "yeh right, that's why your here now!"
This goes with any holidays mind ya.
How was everyone elses holiday?


To be honest i have not been watching much lately. I rented "Ray" this was pretty good...I had no idea that he was so heavy into the drugs and things. I can't believe how much crap his wife put up with.
It's just been a slow couple weeks for blockbuster, but we are getting some that i know i want to check out.

I had a customer come to my register and i asked "how are you today" he answered "shitty, not that you care". First i did not know how to take it, but honestly...does anyone care anymore?
I answered him with " I care, I can at least say I'm sorry that your having a bad day"
I honestly know how it feels when you are having a horrible day and someone asks, and you want to be honest and say crappy but instead you say fine. Well by the end of our little conversation he left with a smile on his face and thanked me for being nice.
Lately i can say that i have not been that nice to my customers and that's why i know its time for a break from work. Thank God for April 4th. This is the start of a weeks worth of staying home and getting paid for it! VACATION! I'm not going anywhere...just a break from the hub bub of work.

The electricity is done in my house....Yehhhhhhhhhhhhh! No more fuses. I've got my ceiling fan up. I feel like i am in heaven. Frank is in love with the lights in the garage! I really hated spending all that money on that. But honestly it's worth it. Especially when the guy said that the wire outside was in very bad condition and it was definitely a fire hazard!


Well folks i'm starting to babble and get tired so you all have a great weekend.