Sunday, April 10, 2005

Not looking forward to going back to work

I get to go back to work on Tuesday :P . I really got used to being home and doing what i want when i wanted to. Good news is i put in for another vacation the beginning of August. My husband and i are going to try and drive down to New Jersey for a few days and see his fathers house that he just recently started to rent. Anyways that's my plan! hope it will come to I really need my brakes checked out first! And now i am thinking that i need my air conditioning charged also...If it's not one thing it's another...

I am convinced that Frank's dad is moving to Michigan after he retires. I am not against it, but i am really not big on change. To have him around all the time is probably not going to be the best thing for my husband and i. Only reason being is his dad likes to drink and drink and drink. Now i am not a stick in the mudd at all. But i just don't believe that you need to drink for no reason at all. Parties ok., social gatherings ok. but not for just watching tv or doing nothing.
When i met Frank he drank so much that i did not think that we would be an item at all, but i just talked to him about my feelings and he quit drinking like a fish just for me. I knew he was a keeper after that.


Bowling today was awesome....My family was against a family that really actually know and we kicked butt!!!! They won first game but the 2nd game we won with about 60 pins to spare and the 3rd game we won by one pin! Serves them right to get a good ass

Franks scores was 108, 123, 123
Darin 90, 97, 121
Amber 59, 56, 37
She only got a 37 because she was having a pout fest on me.
Long story that i won't bore ya with

We just found out that their banquet is on the 24th. They are supposed to be getting trophy's and things on that day. Darin is truly loving bowling. He really wants to participate in another family one. I think that we will definitely do this again. And i am definitely doing with them next time.

sorry due to the fact that i was on vacation i did not watch any films.
Altho i did watch a film on T.V. that i had been wanting to watch but never got a chance to ...that was "Fried Green Tomatoes" I have to say that i thoroughly enjoyed this film. I guess that i just loved the actresses that played in this movie. And that i relate to the lady that decides that she had enough of people walking all over her and she finally takes a stand towards her husband and any other person that was not kind to her.

Mom is doing great! I got her to come over and get involved in something other than the television set and supervise me in my shelf installation. :)
She was a big help...
But the more i work on my house the more i realize that things that are supposed to work in houses or usually work, or rather standard operations in a house, the more i realise that my house is none of those things! My house is cursed with non standard living everything! lol
Anyways ......I really think that she enjoyed getting away from her house and actually doing something.

I have really been enjoying the last week not only because i did not have to work, but because the weather has been totally awesome. Buttttttttttt....Has anyone else been suffering from allergies? omg i feel like a bus parked on my face some days.

Well all i am tired now and tomorrow is a school day

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Mallard said...

Greetings. Thanx for your kind thoughts over the past week - very muchly appreciated, thank you!

Sorry I've been absent from your blog for what seems like ages - there's a lot to catch up on! But, I'll just go at bite-size bits for tonite - I'm getting tired! D'oh!

I watched "Fried Green Tomoatoes" again just the other day - and howled my way thru it again too! Awww! lol.

Mal :o)