Thursday, April 21, 2005

I Can't believe my daughter

O.k...I am trying to stay calm...buttttttttttttttttttttttt....why does my daughter do the things she does? It's late and i just got home from work and one thing that i like to do is check the rooms and see what the kids have done while i have been gone for my 8 hour shifts. I grab up any dirty clothes or any minor things that need to be done so i don't have to do much but vacuum or sweep after driving the kids to school.

Lets start off by saying 2 days ago i came home to my daughters room and found that she had taken down all her pictures in her room and rearranged them. Ok fine...i let that slide and in fact don't look that bad.

Today i walk in pick up some dirty clothes and look over at her dresser and see chalk on it i took a closer look into one of her drawers and she has stashed every piece of sidewalk chalk she and her brother owns in her drawer!!!!!!!! This is not a little chalk, i am talking a heaping pile in her dresser drawer!!!

All i can say is let her give me some sh** in the morning and she will have me to deal with!!!

Before i posted this i had read another blogger by the name of Monica, and she was telling about how bad her daughter has been lately! And it reminded me of the little talk i had with my daughter about why she does what she does to upset me....I asked her "Don't you ever listen to the little voice inside you that says that you may get in trouble for this or that" her response
"I don't have little voices!" To be honest i did not know whether to get mad or laugh or what!!! lol Just thought i would vent a bit and share a humorous moment. now where did i put my

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