Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday Smiday

At my kids school they had what they called a coney island night. It's the first one that i was able to go to with the kids, due to scheduling. I have to say that it was pretty nice and it got me out of cooking dinner for the night! Bonus!!! I was shocked that Amber polished off 4 coney dogs! She ate one after another, plus a cupcake for dessert. Darin at a couple plus a cookie or two. Plus they had raffles but we did not stick around to see who won anything i had to go and do the grocery shopping. Movies----- I hope that everyone that reads this goes out and rents "National Treasure" this is the greatest movie that i have seen in a long while. It really is a edge of your seat, keep you interested, kind of movie. I also watched "In good company" with Dennis Quaid, this movie was no National Treasure but it was a good family movie. The movie "Life Aquatic" with Bill Murray was one of the worst films i have seen since Freddy got fingered! No plot, no point, no comedy, just a plain waste of film and time. Was a total waste of a hour and a half of my time that i will not get back! Well i am gonna get some shut eye because i have to get up and take my dogs to the shot fair early in the morning. Take Care and have a great weekend!

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Mallard said...

On Friday my boys' school had a "Loud Shirt Day" to raise some $$$ for a local cancer charity. JD wore an outrageously hideous Hawaiian shirt - with his school pants underneath! Lots of bright colours - at least it was a break for them, not having to wear their uniforms for the day. A good fun time was had by all.
Mal :o)