Monday, April 18, 2005

Just a Monday

Well Bowling went pretty well on Sunday, Darin bowled is all time high of 125. Darin was so excited when he found out his score, then all of a sudden a screw from his eye glasses popped out and he lost a lens and was blind for the next 2 games. I was hoping to see if he would have bowled even better for the next 2 games since his first game is usually pretty low. Frank also bowled a 156 his all time high game.

This Sunday is the banquet, were they are all getting their trophies and such. I'm looking forward to it. I think when they start up that league again we will all join this time.

Today i was geeked when I was taking my mother out I happened to come across a dresser that i really liked for my son that needs one because his is falling apart. And i really liked the price for it!!! Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone threw away a great dresser only thing wrong with it is they were missing 1 handle for it and it could use a bit of paint, but i probably can get away with it being like it is because alot of shows show that the distressed look is very in. He really likes his new dresser. I love curb shopping...but i usually don't find such a great find.

"Lemony Snicket" was alright after you get past the first half hour. But if i had paid for that movie at the theatre i would have been upset.
"Birth" was very very boring...i strongly suggest not renting that movie!
"Meet the Fokkers" was EXCELLENT! Way better than Meet the Parents. i laughed thru every minute of it!!!

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gammamoma said...

HOORAY for Darin! He deserves a trophy at least for most improved bowler, he has proven himself as a pretty great bowler. Maybe he will be even greater as he continues later. Hooray for Frank too!