Monday, April 25, 2005

This one is for the hard working ones of Blockbuster

Well Sunday was a proud day for us, Darin and Amber recieved their trophies and were suprised to recieve $40.00 in an envelope for participating half the year in bowling. They had a nice banquet, nothing fancy, pizza and pop and salad. To kids that's like heaven! What really suprised me is all the teams came up to us and said that they hoped we signed up next year. I'm pretty sure that we will! We really had a good experience with it. My son is hoping for a new bowling ball, i told him to wait and see.



I highly recommend "Blade trinity"..Had a nice combination of thriller, action, and a bit of comedy.
Nicole Kidman's "Birth" was boring as all get out! I like Nicole and cannot believe that she played in such a movie.

I am hoping that we get "National Treasure" tomorrow...i am dying to see that movie!

Work was the worst this past weekend! We were busier than anticipated due to the snow storm. Then one of our employees that was supposed to finish his last 2 days decides that he is not going to. So it left the night shift screwed! I called him and bitched him out for about 5 minutes, it was getting so heated that the other employee that worked with me that day almost grabbed the phone away from me. Anyways because of that Sunday we had to bust our asses to make the store look presentable for Monday. I know my girl Raycine reads my blog so i have to give her big Kudos!!!!! She is a bag of chips plus the frito lay factory! You worked your butt off and i want you to know that no one appreciates it more than I!!!!!!!!
Oh and by the way....No we were way under on hours last


Well time to get some shut i...night all


Bianca said...

Thanks for the movie renting tips-lol I just updated my Blockbuster online que. I'm so out of the loop.

Mallard said...

Glad to see someome praising their fellow workers, rather than tearing them down! Well - those workers who are prepared and willing to actually WORK! Whoo hoo!
Mal :o)