Saturday, August 31, 2013

Some things I might not have told you yet.

I don't know if i have ever told you guys that i have kind of  adopted Amber's friend Kayla and her son Spencer into out lives.  Amber and Kayla have been good friends for a couple years now.  Kayla ended up pregnant and basically everyone stopped being her friend except for Amber.  Well thru this past year we have welcomed Kayla and her son to our family and we help where ever we can.  I love them both like they were mine.  My heart really goes out to both of them.  Kayla has had one hard life.  She is in foster care and has basically been in one home to another.  She says she only feels like she's at home is with us.  I wish i had another room to put Kayla and Spencer in, but I don't, so she spends every other weekend at my house.

I can't believe a whole year has gone by and I don't think that i have mentioned Kayla and Spencer before.  I have become her support person.  Which means if she needs to get away from the environment she is in, she is alright to come stay with me when need be.  A few times i have had to be her emergency place.

Anyway  here's a few pics of my additional family members...Here was Spencer when he was first born.  Awww....
Here is his mother Kayla and him. This was taken at Easter time.  
Here is Kayla and Amber and Spencer   "the moms" lol...we took him to the zoo beginning of summer...

Here was spencer on his first birthday!!!  Can ya believe he was born on the 4th of July 2012!  He really was loving that piece of cake!! 
He started walking on his first birthday on his own!! Major milestone!!!  Now there is no stopping him!! lol

Anyway, I might be writing a whole lot more about them, since they have pretty much been part of our lives....I love them both!  But that little boy has my heart!  He calls me Meemaw!  He is so cute, love them open mouth kisses and those hugs will melt anyone!!  

I guess I will end this with a more recent pic of myself.  Down 167 pounds...I weigh 167 pounds now!  So ya i lost half of me!! lol  I also put highlights in my hair.  For the past 3 months of so I have maintained my weight and am happy for that.  If i dont lose another pound I will be happy!  

So on that note...I will try and get on Blogger more often.  I still do get on here from time to time... 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Some good

Amber has taken on a new hobby, she is loving embroidery!  It helps with her OCD   I think she is doing a fantastic job.  she made the turtle and the fish for her fathers pillow.  The hearts are for me!!  She has done so many pillowcases.  Just had to show off a few.  

On Tuesday Amber starts her senior year!!  I can't believe the time has flown by!!  Took her last Wednesday for her schedule and pay for her cap and gown and year book and all the other little senior things that go on!

So excited!!  I can't believe that I have to grown adults.  lol  They make me proud everyday!
Darin is in his second year at college!  Studying everything that he needs to know to become something in the automotive field!  He's been working on our cars little by little!

anyway, ya'll take care!

Lucky to be alive!

On August 14th I was involved in a horrible accident.  Apparently I got in one of those "follow the leader kind of drive" and ended up going thru a red light...I admit I was not paying attention like i should have.  Well I got hit on the passenger rear here on the first pic.  It made made my car roll 3 times according to witnesses and I landed in the same lane i was in but facing traffic!  My daughter and I walked away from this with no need to go to hospital.  I wasn't even sore the next day.  Amber on the other hand had never been in a accident before and hurt her right elbow and ankle.  I took her to my doctor and had her checked out.  Turns out she is fine. Just banged up.  Things have not gone quite right lately, lots going on.  One thing after another.  So much so that when this happened I got out, looked at the car and said "F*** It!"  

Insurance totalled it.  But not paying for what I owe on the car.  Isn't that the point of having full coverage on a car?  Messed up eh?  Anywho, I'm still going to owe like 2 thousand and I have to figure out what I'm going to do about that.  Like everything else that I have to figure out.  I know it all works out in the end.  God always seems to make a way for us.  Just hate waiting for the right answers.

I know I rarely get on here...But I still get on here and read ya'lls blogs from time to time.