Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas was special!

Just think back in 1993 this is the day that I found out I was pregnant with Darin and I was proposed to with ring on the same day. 12/24/93

This is me now... Tired and can't stand up because i just worked the hell shift at work on christmas day.

Me, Frank and kids very happy with what was given to us!

Isn't Amber gorgeous!!!! She let me do her hair. You can't tell much by the picture, but i took an hour and a half just crimping her hair with a tiny crimping iron, it looks fabulous! She is growing up so fast!

Posing in front of grandma's beautiful decorations of harbor stuff in her play room.

Everyone was very happy this year! We all got what we wanted! I got a few things off the list i made. Like pots and pans and bed sheets, i guess everything else will have to wait. :)

My boss bought me a sex and the city travel game that was kinda great because i loved that show. I even had a crew member bring me a gift card for work, so that i can purchase a few pops or snacks when i need one. I thought that was very thoughtful.

I bought mom a beautiful gazing ball and pedestal for Christmas. It's not easy finding a garden item in the middle of winter. But it was the only thing that i new that she said that she wanted at all. It gets tiring getting her the usual stuff like perfume or clothes or jewelry. She seemed to enjoy it and she said that i had a great memory because she don't even remember that conversation.

My dad loved his ring and mom says that she thought he was going to cry when he opened it. It's a gold ring that says DaD on it, and around the word dad it has diamond chips around it. He has never had a ring before and told my mother that he would like one. He went to have it sized and it had to go to a 15 1/2. I new he had big hands but geesh! He thought he would get a ring that said grandpa on it. He's never completely happy...lol Who know's there are plenty of Christmas's left, you never know.

Frank got a couple pairs of jeans and a couple shirts from my mom and dad. He difinitely needed that! I got him a pair of sneakers that he needed for awhile but just kept putting off.

I myself was pretty satisfied with what i got. Coulda used that cruise or bills paid up but you can't have everything! lmao


I had to work a 5 1/2 hour shift at work on Christmas day, and it was busy even before i unlocked the door. About 5 people were waiting in their cars for me to unlock the door and within 3 hours of opening we had done over a thousand dollars! It was horrible, especially when they say "awwwww you had to work on Christmas Day?" Sometimes i said "awwww you had to come in on Christmas day?" Stupid people! It's better if they just say "merry xmas" then anything else on such a day.
On Christmas day is a day that i don't go looking for anything open! I do everything i absolutely need to do on the day before.

But all in all the food was great, the presents were awesome, and Mom was home for the holidays this year!

I'm getting tired so i will close for now. Hope everyone got what they wanted or needed.
And I am hoping for a better new year for everyone.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


It's officially Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas!

I'm finally done shopping, baking, done, done, and done.
Today i was on a mission to find my mom's present since she was the only one i had to buy for left on my list. It only took me 2 days and 7 stores to find it! But at least i won't be walking aimlessly on Christmas Eve to find her a gift! I really hope that she is gonna like it.

It's really bugging my mother about what it is because she said it in one conversation and i put it to good use. So she has spent a few days trying to recall what she let slip out.

Hopefully we all will get what we most desire! Or pretty close..lol

Happiest of holidays my blogging friends :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


For some reason Sunday was a big day of bowling for most of us, but Darin went above and beyond!

Darin's highest score was a 122, it is now replaced with a whopping 141!!!!! Go Darin!
Amber almost beat her new high score of 105 but just came a little short. Maybe after the 2 week break we will all make new records! I think the new balls are helping alot!
Scores were:
Amber 57, 85, 103
Darin 141, 69, 114
Frank 130, 90, 127
Caroline 119, 129, 120

I've been trying different things when i bowl and i think i might have got something that i can do with my bowling. We will see if my average goes up.


I can't believe Christmas is only a few days away. I will be finishing on Christmas Eve. :P
I still haven't gotten my mothers. But i do know what i want to get her. I just hope that i am able to find it. If not i have a back up plan. Mom is like the hardest person to buy for, because there are the usual things that you get your mother and she would be just happy with that. But i always try to find something that she wants but won't spend the money on herself.

I have just a few more gifts to buy, which is impressive because with hardly any money and trying to keep my head above water, I'm lucky to be this far.
I hope that you all are having better luck than I!


I can't believe the weather, Unusual is the only word i can think of. I'm glad that i got my lights out when i did, otherwise it probably would not have gotten done. I just hope we get a break right after Christmas to take it all down fast. I love the Christmas stuff but when the holiday is over i don't like to keep it up! I look for a little more normalsy right after.

Well if i don't get to say it later i will say it now.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Well while visiting Cindy's blog today, she posted her wish list. She asked that everyone that reads her blog do the same. It could be anything that we wanted and does not matter the price tag so here's mine:

1. A cruise. To anywhere!
2. money
3. all my bills paid up to date.
4. new pots and pans (the good stuff)
5. sheets for my bed.
6. a new computer desk
7. a new wedding ring (one with a big heart shaped diamond with diamonds in the band)
8 a new bed!
8. some new clothes
9. my hair highlighted again.
10 a new computer
11. my kitchen remodeled

well that's all i can think of right now. I'm tired so g'night all.

well it's the next night and had some time to think about this list And since i can wish for anything...here i go.
12. gastric bypass (so i will be here for a long time!)
13. to be healthy

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Just call me betty crocker!

Today was a lazy day, I had taken the day off work and got some sleep, housework and errands done.

I started baking again. Today on the menu was pineapple cookies and peanut butter cookies.
My son loves the pineapple cookies and have begged me for days to make them. I think i might bake some more cookies on Monday.

Got worse information on my husband's truck. It's going to cost us more than we thought. Apparently its a cracked head. Thank god the mechanic has a good heart and feeling the Christmas spirit. He told me that he will let me have the truck and make payments on it every Friday. Good news because my husband has a hard time getting home without a vehicle. He has a ride to work, but because he gets off work at different times its hard to have a definite ride. It figures when we are about to get rid of it around March, it would do this.

I'm happy that i got all my decorations up. Just in time for all the snow that we got. This weather is very unpredictable. The snow looked beautiful when i got up on Friday. I thought the kids would not have school, but apparently the snow fall was not bad enough and i got plenty of dirty looks while dropping them off at school. The roads were not that bad so i see why they were open. After school i thought i would not hear the end of MOMMMMMMM there was only like 10 people in our class. Well look at it this way, your not going to have double the homework on Monday. :)

time for bed! later

Monday, December 05, 2005

Tis the season!

God there is so much to say. Been busy, busy, busy.

Amber woke up sick this morning, she woke me up this morning around 5 in the morning saying she did not feel very well. After i said "if you don't have a fever, your going to school". I felt her forehead and indeed she was burning up! I gave her some motrin and she was sleeping like a log after that. She stayed home today, and of course my day does not stop for a sick child. I had to bundle her up to help my mother do her errands. Then once we got home i decided not to waste the day and start baking!

I only bake cookies one month out of the year and you guessed it! For Christmas! I started with 4 loaves of banana bread. One for my mother, 2 neighbors and for ourselves. After that i picked a new cookie for the holiday. I usually pick one different new recipe for cookies and this one was called peanut butter banana cookie. It tastes as good as it sounds. It is made with crunchy peanut butter, pretty easy to make and is delicious! After that i started with my famous pumpkin cookie. Everyone is begging for these! After that i was wiped out. Hopefully i will find time to do some more this week.

Frank had his Christmas party on Saturday. I enjoy these because we get to go to other cities and stay at fancy hotels. The past 2 years they did a show and dinner thing. This year we got to go see some comedians perform on stage. God they were funny, They did this big skit on Blockbusters and the "No late fee thing". I really laughed my butt off! Then they did a skit on a eye glass place on 8 mile, where the techs would be doing strip shows. lol
They were really funny. After the show we just hid in our room and watched TV. Are we getting old or what? Usually we go to the after party, party, in one of the hotel rooms and talk and drink. But i guess this year we wanted some peace and quiet.

Frank's truck went into the shop for repair on Friday, and Saturday they called to tell us that it needed a major tune up badly. Ouch! Well today they called and said that there is more work involved which is more money. I was about to cry, when i asked him if he would accept installment payments, and he said that he would work with me. Thank God he works at the end of my mothers block and we have seen eachother many times. He did some work on my mini van when the air conditioning went out and i was very pleased with his work. He called me a" nice lady" and that he would work with me and understood it's the holidays. Thank you Jesus!

Sunday bowling was fun, the kids got their new balls and are bowling way over their averages! Amber bowled over her high score of 97 and beat it by bowling a 105!!! GO AMBER!

Amber 105, 90, 86 ...this is way better than the 30's and 40's she used to bowl...wow!
Darin 112, 114,96
Frank 107,138,129
Me 95,97,80

Yes i know, I suck! lol. But in my defense i was tired as all hell! These days are hectic and sleep is an option these days.

On Wednesday i left my mothers a bit early to take advantage of a nice day and put out my Christmas decorations. I did not take everything out there, I could make it look like national Lampoon's Christmas vacation, but i was not really in the mood to deck it out. I made it a simple but pretty. I will try and take pictures and show you.

Mom's been trying to put her decorations up at her house. Believe me all week i have heard how messed up i made everything. I did the best i could do without any help from anyone. It needed to come down and she was in the hospital. I had to laugh when she said you should have left it up. "Until May or June?" that's about when she was finally able to do things on her own again. I just told her " YOUR NOT ALOUD TO GET SICK AT CHRISTMAS EVER AGAIN!"


Well, I still have alot to say but my eyes are already in bed. I think i will go join them. lol

Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

These are two reasons why i am Thankful!

Thanks Mom for sending me these pics from your scanner!

These are the school pictures for this year! Don't they look much older than 11 and 10?

They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Well we just made the decision to break a family tradition this year. We are not going to the parade downtown this year due to the cold and more of the fact that they have alot of construction down there and we are afraid that we will be parked behind some construction machines. We will do it next year!

I just realized that I have a couple anniversarys!
One is that i have been blogging for a year! Hooray!
And two that Tuesday i will have lived in my house for eight years! Double Hooray! Time flew!


Went to see the doctor a couple days ago and all is pretty good. Sugars are still high but lower than they were. Blood pressure is great! So he tells me i am still alive! I was worried about that. lol

Mom on the other hand is not doing so good. Blood pressure is high and now she has another swollen gland that may need to be cut out of her neck again. Poor Mom! I hope that its nothing serious. Hopefully she won't spend any holidays this year in the hospital!

Sunday bowling went ok. We could have done better. We broke down and bought the kids new bowling balls as an early Christmas present. Hopefully that will help.

Amber 31, 73, 72
Darin 78, 89, 96
frank 102, 133, 166
me 107, 125, 82

I admit the last game i was not even trying. I was tired! lol

Well for Thanksgiving we are going over to my mothers to help and pig out! lol
Other than that probably a nap is in the works then off to work i go. Some us have to do it! Unlike my my husband and half of the world get to stay home with pay!
Do any of you have any special plans?

If i don't get to write again...Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 11, 2005

I don't have to kill them Yeh!

Kids just got their report cards and i am happy to say that they get to live another semester..lol
Darin made the honor roll with 3 A's 2 B's and one C this is brought up from an F! I could not be more happier. Amber is doing well in 4th grade, i was shocked at the amount of books she has been reading in school and testing for. Baby girl got 3 B's and 2 C's, I can't ask for better! Talking to her teacher, her teacher said "Amber is really shy" I ABOUT FREAKED! AMBER SHY??????? WHAT THE! I told him to come to my house and meet the true Amber! lol But in a way i have to look at it this way, I'm happy that my kids are behaving when i am not around them all time. Things that happen now i can handle. But in a way i have to look at it this way, I'm happy that my kids are behaving when i am not around them all time. Things that happen now i can handle ...i'm really worried about all the teenage problems that await me.


Well in honor of Thanksgiving that is just a couple of weeks away, i thought i would start another list...a list of things I am thankful for!

1. My kids- Everything thing that they do for me

2. My husband- He is everything that i need and more...The little things that he does really count. wether it be just saying i love you over the phone or doing a sink full of dishes when they need to done.

3. My family-For a Mom and a Dad that helps when they can! A mom that is not only just a mom but a best friend! My dad for showing me a value of a dollar. He taught me responsibility!
A sister-That i do love, even tho we do not see eye to eye. And i absolutely love my neice and nephew :)

4. My friends- There are times that my friends have carried me far in my life.

5. My Job-I glad that i have one! I actually like my job. Can be stressful sometimes but the pro's out weigh the con's.

6. My house-It's a great place. This would include my neighbors that are all around me.

7. My sense of humour- I can find the funny in almost anything! I adore making people laugh! ok..i won't be selfish here....And for my kids sense of humour! they can make me laugh out of the clear, blue, sky .

8. I am thankful to be alive!- 2 years ago was when i had my heart attack, that i did not know that i was having, I also would be GRATEFUL if i could see my kids grow up.

9. I'm thankful that i am not a drug addict.

10. I'm thankful for the vacations that i have been on.

Well this is what i came up for now...I will list more later...i'm sleepy, sleepy, sleepy

Monday, November 07, 2005

I can't believe it!

Sunday bowling was weird but great! We won all 3 games, but the first 2 we were barely playing. Then all of a sudden my hubby pulls a 188 score! GO HUBBY, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY...LOL


Amber 72,71,85 as you can see after purchasing the wristband she is doing incredible!
Darin 122,110,86 boy is determined to bankrupt me with the quarter a spare and 50 cents a strike....lol he earned himself a whopping $3.50 from me this day!
Frank 96, 126, and then he woke up and did the 188.
Me 95, 128, 85 Well at least i tried...
And thanks to Darin and Frank for winning for us!



"Charlie and the chocolate factory" ok..the only thing i can say is watching it once should last you a lifetime. I hate that they made Willy Wonka such a tart in that movie. Poor Brad Pitt!

"Christmas with the Cranks", this also goes on the list of if i never watch it again it would be just fine.


Well folks...my eyelids are getting heavy...hope that you all had a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Amber is stylin and profilin in a skeleton pirate costume, this is what she wanted to be this year. Figures my daughter don't want to be any of the girly things. But she did win 3rd prize in her class.

Hubby decided to join into the fun and put my wig from last year on and slapped some paint on his face and went trick or treating also. I guess you can call him a middle aged rocker.

Darin decided that he did not want to do the halloween thing, but stay home and help grandma pass out candy at my house. It was a great night for trick or treating, we started at 6 pm and did a full 2 streets then got home for it to start raining, thank god we were done. After that the kids all wanted to go to 7/11 to get their free slurpee, they do this every year.


Well i got a math trick for you all if you want to try it




4. ADD 1








Bowling was real exciting Sunday, we lost the first game but won the last 2, yeahhhhhhhh!
We also won the 50/50 this week! First time ever!

Bowling scores are

Amber 64, 87, good job to amber , and a 66
Darin 73, 101, 94
Frank 114, 144, 136
lil ole me 106, 103, and a 134 yeh baby!!!!!

Well i'm off to bed nighty night.

Friday, October 28, 2005

The spirit of Halloween

Since it's been a list kinda thing lately i thought i would make one:
I told my mother this and if you read her blog she took it...lol...actually she went a little different with it..but still....lol

Things that i am afraid of:

1. Spiders: They always find me too! I almost crashed my car because one was crawling on my windshield on the inside!!!! omg

2. Losing my parents: I can't bare the thought.

3. Losing a child: goes right along with i don't know if i could exist without them.

4. Giving speeches: Just hate them!!!!

5. Losing my job: This is because if i lose it, i'm afraid of losing everything that i own. :(

6. I'm afraid of not being able to watch my kids grow up. (ie...because of my health)

7. Poisonous snakes: this should be an obvious one.

8. Going across 8 mile at night! this rarely has to happen....but when i do...i barely stop and doors are locked.

9. Guns: another obvious!

10. I'm afraid of riding over bridges, heights!

Well these are just a few things that i can list off that i am afraid of...

so how about it? what are you afraid of?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

list of things that i think were exciting

The challenge was to come up with some things that i have done that I thought were exciting.

This is probably going to be a short list tonight...and not as exciting as my blogging friend Monica http://www.piecesofus.blogspot.com/ has. I'm real tired so i will try.

1. When i was 18 i flew to Florida to finally meet my grandfather that i had not seen since i was a toddler. The flight was my first ever. And also my first vacation on my own.

2. Of course my kids!!

3. My wedding! I planned everything with the help of my best friend Barb.

4. Buying my house! The day we looked at it, i knew it was mine. I was so excited i could not describe it to my mother, i had to bring her and let her see it.

5. visited Niagra Falls, god it's a beautiful gift of nature.

I will get back to ya on this..

maybe i will look at some old photos to jog my memory.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Whatever floats my boat

Jack O' Lantern

Well Sunday's bowling is at least postable...not the greatest but an improvment over last week

Amber 75,57,59
Darin 79,102,108
Frank 113,97.127
Caroline 102,91,112

Can ya believe it ...were in last place...lmao
It's all for fun anyways.


Went shopping with mom today and i thought i would spend a couple dollars on myself and finally get a new purse. The one that i had i have had for a couple years, it was time.
I don't like buying purses, they are making them smaller and smaller these days...Helloooooo i am a mom i have to have mom things in there...you never know when your going to need something and damn it..i want it to be there..lol

I also splurged and bought some new make-up...I'm sure the stuff that i had in my make-up bag i had since the day i got married. And the other half, well lets just say that someone and i'm not mentioning any names (Amber) borrowed(stole) it.

Then i finally i have one christmas present hidden away for Darin...don't tell but its a pair of pants..shhhhhhhh...
I have been feeling silly all day!

Saturday at work i had to push the online thing and i stood there screaming "get your red hot christmas presents here" I was shocked when it actually worked!!!lol

Darin and Amber had their teeth cleaned today and they both got a zero cavity report!!! yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Last time Darin cost me $300 dollars of work to be done. And that's with insurance...without insurance you might as well hammer the nails into my coffin..lol Tombstone

Anyone dressing up for halloween? I'm thinking about it...i do have a like a grim reeper costume, i thought about getting an alien mask and wearing it to work. I think it would be fun.
What will you be dressing as?
Black Cat

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I did my good deed

My mother and I got the spirit of Halloween and visited the cemetary. We took care of all our relatives stones by clearing away the grass that was overgrowing onto them. Then she had purchased some silk flowers to decorate their stones. We had not been there since the end of May of 2004 so the grass had grown a great deal. Before that it had been years and they were so covered we barely found them so this time was not as bad.

It's sad to see that no one but us has taken an interest to remember our beloved. Standing above my grandparents stones i said to mom "You know, they did not have 7 kids to just be forgotten about!" Alot of the family has issues with one another, but that should not go against the people that gave them life and took care of them.

My mother wrote in her blog http://mommasplaceathome.blogspot.com/ that she wondered if anyone would visit hers. I made her a promise that i would every year at least once if not twice. I will pick a month and stay true to my word!


Work has been sucky lately. I'm stressed to no end! They want us selling the online package that they got going on. All i can say is that i am trying to with every customer, that's all you can do. Well they are stressing out our store manager, which in turn stresses us all out.
I am starting to have headaches all the time just before i go into work. I used to LOVE my job. I still do, but they are making it very hard.

I've only watched a few movies..
"Batman Begins" was alright, worth watching once...I will tell you that you have to get past the first hour of bringing the story together..but once you knew what was going on it started to make sense.
"Sisterhood of the traveling pants" another movie that you can only watch once.
"Bewitched" I was so bored that i was doing everything but watching or listening to this movie.
right now i have "Herbie" and "Star wars" I hope that i will be able to watch these...but its not looking good. The kids have watched "Herbie" and they said that they liked it.

If someone out there can tell my how to put a link in their blogs without posting the url on here it would help me a great deal :) I know there is a link button up there...but it doesn't seem to work right for me. :( What am i doing wrong?

Well take care people...have a great weeked...
Hopefully bowling won't be so bad this weekend.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Let's see what i can come up with

I really don't have to much to say but let's see what happens here.

Let's start with the beginning of the weekend, Friday was my day off and let me tell you that it was no day off!! As i told Cindy from http://cindy.jenkinsonline.net/ that a day off to me is working my ass off without getting paid!

It started with dropping the kids off at school, come home and pay some bills. Then run to the pet store and find out the dog food i wanted was on sale and they were out, so i had to drive 4 miles down the road to get a bag at the sale price. Then rush to the grocery store, then home to drop off groceries really fast because i had to go clean my aunt's house by noon. Leave her house by 2 p.m. and run up to a christmas store where i was looking for a fuse for my pumpkin for halloween. (which turned out that it kept blowing a fuse) so garbage city that goes. Then i had to run to the post office for some stamps, that i needed for all the bills that i paid first thing that morning. Then rush to the kids school to pick them up, then straight to the sporting good's store for a bowling glove for Amber.(we are hoping this will improve Amber's bowling.) We had been promising her this glove ever since bowling started. Then on the way home pick up our dinner, pizza, and then managed to squeeze in some bingo! Mom had luck on her side that night.

Saturday i slept my butt in, for a bit. And when i got up i started doing a ton of laundry and cooked a great meal before going to work. Saturday was busy up in the "B" I could not wait to get out.
While speaking about work, November is going to be a huge movie month!! Madagasgar, Star wars, Polar express, Christmas with the cranks, are just a few of the big movies coming next month.

Sunday was bowling day and to be honest not really worth mentioning. We all could not bowl for crap. Amber, because of her glove was the only one that bowled above their average.
The scores was so crappy that i am not even going to post them...shame shame shame.
We were bowling against some pros and we got our butts kicked good!
OH WELL all for fun anyways right?

Today another day off and nothing really got accomplished but i did alot. Mainly taking my mother all over. But hey what else is there to do other than sleep? Heyyyyyyyyyyyy that's an idea! lol

I wouldn't know what to do!

Darin brought home his first progress report and it was really good up until the part about an F in language arts. I can't bitch much because it was all A's and B's in the rest. He hates this class because of all the reading and writing...... Because it's his first offense..... I just said that i was not pleased and that i expected him to up this grade in the next card marking. Even if its a D or a C it's better than an F. I can't expect perfect children, but an F just show's me you did not even try. He promised he will do better.

Well i have rambled on long enough...geesh for someone that had nothing much to say i was able to pull a rabbit out of my hat eh?

Later all..

Monday, October 10, 2005


This past Sunday was not very successful, don't know why. Every time i thought i had a strike going it gave me the raspberries.....lol

Amber 79, 77, 60
Darin 86, 98, 84
Frank 136, 142, 128
Me 105, 107, 99

Anyways, it was fun tho. Kids made a fortune this weekeend. Darin ended up with 2.50 and Amber 2.25. If they get any better we will have to reconcider the money for spares and strikes...lol

I finished taking a typing test online and it says that i can type 64 words a minute. I am going to take it one night when i am not so tired, i might type faster. When i was in high school i was typing 40 to 45 words. Not bad.

Well I'm getting tired...so bye for now

Sunday, October 09, 2005

My first shot in 10 years

Well folks, when i saw the doctors on Friday and i told him all the symtoms i was having, it was agreed that the "actos" should be stopped. They checked my urine to see if sugar was being spilled in my urine, turns out it's not, thank god.

So then he took me off the the medicine and he is trying this insulin called "lantus" only on 10cc right now but i have to monitor my sugars for a while and we may have to up this medicine in the next month, depending on how its going. I only have to take it one time a day, before bed. I have chosen around 1 in the morning because i am usually coming home from work and have a snack and i am always home by 1 in the morning.

I thought it was going to be hard to start doing it all over again. But it's like riding a bike, you never forget. It wasn't so bad, i really did not mind the shots as much as poking the fingers 5 times a day. Back then i was working for Mcdonald's and after poking yourself all the time to stick your hands in pickle juice and onions...would hurt like hell! I have a great machine now, i can poke anywhere i want to now so my fingers don't ache.


Ok...this is the time of year where my renting becomes a little sparce. I hate scary movies!!!!!And that's all that seems to be coming out lately. I can't wait till Christmas i have been waiting for "Christmas with the cranks" and a few other christmas movies.
So i have not been renting to many. But i did get to watch "The sisterhood of the traveling pants" I can say that it is worth watching one time in your life. No big reviews for this one.

Well i gotta go...bowling in just a few hours, so ya'll take care.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hey Ya'll

Well this past Sunday went very well as far as bowling was concern.
I bowled my best ever, here's the scores.

Amber 69, 97, 64
Darin 107, 82, 74
Frank 131, 111, 131
Me 107, 137, 116

Not bad, really my best ever.


I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, i'm really not looking forward to it. Although all he is going to do is take blood. But i really feel that i don't like being on this new medicine.
I will talk to him about that tomorrow.

My lovely daughter really made me mad the other day. I looked at her and it only took me all of 2 seconds to realize that she had shaved between her eyes . She says that kids were calling her unibrow, I say that she was experimenting and thinks that saying that will not get her trouble.
I told her that she should have came to me and i would have helped her. Now i have to wait till some of it grows out. Thank god its not horrible and some of her hair kinda hides it. But if you really look you can see where she screwed it up.

I guess she will be shaving her legs and armpits soon. God i am feeling old!


Work has been sucking really bad, to the point that i really don't want to be there any longer than i have to be.
First they screwed us out of the money that we won while doing a contest.
Now they have screwed us out of a raise, we have to keep track of everything that we sell and they will now determine our raise by that.
I don't know how secure my job is anymore and that terrifies me. I can't start all over again. Noone is going to hire me at the rate of pay that i make or close to it. This sucks! I just hope things start to look better for blockbuster.
Well i have to get my kids soon. Take it easy all...

Friday, September 30, 2005

Concerns on my health

Pill BottlePillI've been on pills for my diabetes for many years, the only time that i had to take insulin was when i was pregnant then shortly after i was able to go on pills. I have take glyburide and metformin for the longest. Now he added actos. the only side effects that i am noticing is that i have to go to the bathroom all the time for 1 and 2. I can say that i have not crapped so much in my life! It's to the point of annoying!!!!!!!!! If i am not urinated or pooping, i have the sensation to have to go. My main concern is this drug "actos" is the same drug that my neighbor was taking and his doctors took him off because they found out it causing liver damage. Does anyone know about this drug? Ever been on it? Have the same symptoms?

Now other than the diabetes i have other things wrong with me. Starting with my Thyroid that i take a drug for. I also suffered a heart attack 2 years ago, so i have to take blood pressure medicine, and 2 pills that help my heart. I will have to take these meds forever i am told or lose a ton of weight and i might be able to cut half these med s. Plus an aspirin a day as a blood thinner. And lets not forget the cholesterol pill that i take also, so that brings our grand total of 9 pills a day that i have to take! So ya figure 8 of my pills costs me 30 dollars for each, that's $240 plus $6.00 for the bottle of aspirins. This brings it to $246. a month to keep me alive and this is with insurance. And if i really want to throw in to my doctor that i suffer from depression i could very easily make this even more money. But screw it! I'm not going to do anything that i will regret. I have 2 beautiful kids that need me and my goal is to see them grow up and marry and have them take care of me for a change.....lol

Well there ya have it folks, my beautiful life in a nutshell. Sucks to be fat!

If anyone can tell me a bit more about "actos" i would appreciate it.

Monday, September 26, 2005


I went to the doctors on Saturday and i got a short reprieve from taking the shots for my diabetes. He wants to see if this other drug will help first and then recheck me in a couple weeks. After i got this medication i found out that my neighbor that is a diabetic was also taking this drug but his doctors took him off of it because it causes liver damage. hmmmm not sure that i want to be taking this drug. So i will be talking to my doctor very shortly and besides it makes me feel bloated all the time. So other than that, i will let ya know what will be happening with that.

While i was there i got a second shot to my hip for my back problems and it did help a bit more. But i think that my old shoes were giving me alot of grieve also. So today i was able to get a new pair and i think it is actually helping.
Sunday i finally got to go bowling, and yes i took it easy because i am not fully healed. its not easy bowling straight up and down and throwing a ball. But i managed without causeing more pain to myself.
Scores as follows
Amber-49 64 73
Darin- 107 104 80
Frank- 97 137 108
Me 92 69 108

Not bad for an injured person right?

We made it a little interesting this week by adding money to the factor of playing. We told the kids a quarter for every spare and 50 cents for every strike. They were truly inspired for the games after that. Darin took us for 2 dollars at the end and Amber got 75 cents...but i just rounded it off and gave her a dollar.

Amber also made out like a bandit and got a dollar from the lady bowling against us for her birthday. And she was also picked to pick out the raffle ticket and was tipped another 5 dollars for picking the mans ticket. Another lady came up to Amber and also gave her a dollar. Geesh, the kid has more money than i do now..lol..


I just want to give my MOM a HOLLA! She will know why. My way of saying thanks :)
She was there listening to me when i had a meltdown and i want her to know that i appreciated her advice, and for her listening to my problems.



From this little angel

To this big angel!

I know i have alot of complaints about my daughter Amber, but i would not trade her for anything! Sometimes i wish i had her nerve and her energy! She is fearless! She has no problem with telling you how she feels about something, even if it will hurt your feelings, embarass you, or make you mad. If its on her mind its gonna be said!

She turned 10 years old today, and of course she took her cupcakes to school and shared with the class. After school i had a cake made up for her and all the neighborhood kids came and sang Happy Birthday to her and we all had a good time.

She wanted some movies for her birthday, no toys, or anything like that, so i stopped by my work and picked up a couple movies for her to enjoy. She got Shark Tale and Racing stripes, she loves these movies because they involve animals! She saw them and was absolutely in love!

Amber is growing up to be a fine young lady and I hope that i will teach her to be a great and responsible young woman. I'm proud of my kids and hope that they get whatever they desire in life.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm Broken!

For a long time now i had been suffering from heal spurs on my right foot. Finally decided that the pain was more than the fear of getting the shot in the foot. Mind you that i am not afraid of needles at all, but in the foot gave me the willies. Well in a couple days i could tell a major difference in walking without as much pain as i had been. Thank God! Sunday i got up to do my first day on the bowling league and all of a sudden i got a sharp pain in my butt that radiated up to my back. I knew what just happened, my butt muscle gave out causing major pain in my back, i layed all day long on the couch. I was not able to sit, stand, walk, do anything at all! I even called into work and that is not like me at all!!! Thankfully my boss was able to cover it for me. I would never had made it!

Monday i saw my doctor and got another shot, this one in the hip and i can say that i am doing alot better, but still sore! I'm able to make it thru work and that's all i care about! But after work i am drugging myself up like crazy! So while i was with the doctor he said that he was going to call me that night anyways because he got the results of my tests that i took on Thursday. Not good news at all, apparently i have to go back on insulin for my diabetes. I had been on it with both my kids, so i know what's involved. The hardest part is poking yourself!

So you see.....I'm broken!!
If i had a reciept i would take myself back for a refund....lol

Well, the drugs are kicking in and i am getting sleeping.. gnight!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Happy Anniversary to us!

Saturday the 17th of September is our Anniversary! We will be married 11 years on this day and i have to say that it's been worth the ride. We have our good times and bad times, but who don't? The only thing is, being able to work out the bad times together keeps us going.

It may be our wedding anniversary but it is also marks another anniversary. Two years before on that date, Frank asked me to go on a date. So we have been together 13 years!
I can still remember how he asked me out. After partying all night over a mutual friends house, i got ready to go home and take a nap and shower and change my clothes. Well anyways, he walked me to my car and said "Ya wanna go on a date with me, we can try it out for a while and if we don't like eachother we will break up." Could you honestly say no to that? lol

I know what attracted me to him the most was his beautiful salt and pepper hair. Another thing was that i could see that he was a hard worker and enjoyed being around kids. I told my friends that i would have him and i did!

He is a very good man! His heart is always in the right place. Sure he makes mistakes, lets face it noone is perfect! I'm sure he would be saying the same thing about me right about now. His priorties are the same as mine. Kids first, everything else will just have to wait.

Heres a pic of our special day and Darin was there with his blessings on the wedding of his mommy and daddy.

I still love this man! Happy Anniversary and many more!

Monday, September 05, 2005

The kids finally have school in the morning...woohoo

Mom took some pics of the kids recently and i thought they were some nice ones

Isn't she cute? She wants her bangs to get as long as the back of her hair.

This is my little man that stands almost as tall as i am. Today i was watching him play with the neighborhood teenagers about 13 and 14 and he stood as tall as them.

Now, any suggestions on punishing a boy that is bigger than you? lol

Can't wait for the kids to start full days of school! Peace and quiet at last! Lately they have been fighting like cats and dogs.

Today i ended up shaving half the boys in my neighborhood heads for the first day of school. Don't ask me how i got that job. I don't remember putting out the barbershop pole. hmmm I didn't get paid for it either. (see sucker, caroline) Anyways i guess its ok because i had to do my husband and Darin anyway. As long as i don't have to clean up afterwards...all is good.

What did everyone do for Labor day? We all went over my mothers and fathers for Labor Day and ordered some really good pizza and sat and chit chatted about some things. I am broke so i kinda blew the original plans for us. I know...I suck! That and thinking about how crowded the popular parks would be today made me decide just to hang around the houses.

After that we were also invited to a bbq at the neighbors. But i really was not hungry by then so i just nibbled a bit. Then just before dark i became Caroline the barber. The kids came home and then they showered and are pouting about waking up early for their first few hours of school.

This Sunday we are signing up for family bowling again. This time i will be bowling also...Can't ya just wait to hear how bad we are again..lol

Well...I am off to bed also...why? I have to get up for school..lol

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Still trying to calm down.

When i got home from work on Sunday I decided to relax in my daughters room and watch some tv. Well after a few minutes i heard some noises coming from a spot that there should be no noises. (because their were no animals or anything there) So a couple minutes later i hear some more noises and i look and this time i see something white climbing around in my daughters tote that has 2 drawers in it. First i thought it was my daughters mouse she has, I look at the cage...no...no...its not that. So i see this white thing climbing around. This time i got a better look...OH MY GOD! My daughter took the rat that was meant for the snake to eat and hid it there.

I took the rat and put it where it belonged, so then i think 'where is all the stuff that was in this case?' I had to put one of her bracelets away in her jewelry box and i get that answer...Their was stuff in there and in her toy box. So i start cleaning out her toy box, i pulled out a garbage bag full of paper clippings that she hid. I found alot of things in there that i was not happy about. Clothes that no longer fit her was in there, doesn't sound bad till i tell you that she took scissors to them and hacked them all up and threw it in there. She also had been missing socks, i wondered where in the heck they were. Yep, in the toy box with all the toes cut out of them. I cleaned up her jewelry box put all her lego's and plastic animals back where they needed to go.

You would think that would be enough to end her life as we know it. UNTIL I looked under her bed and found one of her skorts full of nailpolish all over them. Just as i write something nice about my kids just a few short post's ago, i just jinxed myself.

I was very upset with her by that point, not only for what she had done, but that it took me until 5 in the morning to clean that mess up. I looked at her closet, but i was not brave enough to tackle it. I made her take everything out and clean it out herself this morning. I gave her an A and now her room is spic and span.

I had been waiting to do all that in her room when she went back to school, to not have any arguements. But I could not take the mess any longer. I try to give them their space, responsiblitly of cleaning their own mess, but when it starts to annoy me i have to do it!
Anybody have any kids room horror stories like mine?

Sunday, August 28, 2005

My little lady at age 9 months. Isn't she adorable?

I can't remember them this small without the pictures.

My boy at age 5, this is his kindergarten picture. He was so cute and all boy.

I really don't know what i would do without them both! I know they can make me mad at times. But they both give me such joy. They both make me laugh because of course they have my sense of humor. Thank you god! My daughter is so outgoing, there is nothing that she is afraid to do or say. This is not always a good thing...but nobody is going to boss her around. The embarassing moments are getting fewer in her age thankfully. My son is laid back, easy going, would rather be a homebody than go out. Usually gives in during a fight than keep a fight going.
My babes. Gotta Love them

Those were the days

Can you believe this is me in 11th grade. Looking at these pics while i was at my mothers made me stop and think about how much i have changed. These 2 pictures are my most favorite pictures that i have of myself.

This was my senior picture. The thing that i loved the best of myself back then was my eyes. Don't know what happened to them now..but i can't get my eyes to look like that anymore. Time flies and so does your looks.

Sitting at a wedding today a friend of ours asked how long we have been married. I told them next month will be 11 years. I can't believe that 11 years has passed. My son is 11 and my daughter will be 10 next month also. Where did it go? So much has happened in what seems to be a short time but really its been a long time. It's going to be Thanksgiving soon and that will mark it being 1 year since my mother almost said goodbye to all of us. Thank God that did not happen. But my point is time marches on and you have to do the stuff that counts now. Screw the small stuff. Get out and have some fun!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Lots to do

Today I had to wake up early to take my son to his new school and pick up his schedule. It was interesting and we took the time to walk the halls and see if we can find his classes to ease on his stress about starting junior high. Glad we did it because i don't think my son would have looked down one of the hallways for one class.

Everything is pretty much what I thought it would be. His elective for the starting of the year is Tech education. From what i was told it could be that he works on computers, wood, whatever. Not too sure...i was told it was like a shop class.

The other question i had with it was learning power, that's basically where he will be reading and writing alot. The rest of the schedule was normal, math, social studies, blah, blah, blah.

Darin asked when was recess?,,,,Awww poor guy. I basically told him to say goodbye to that idea. He just gave me the "oh mannnnnnnnn!!!!!!" He's already told me that he hates growing up..lol

Well after the school I took my son out to lunch, we were a bit hungry because we had to rush out this morning. While we were eating he looked at me and said "this is cool mom", I asked "what's cool?" He said "me and you out to lunch". Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside eh?

So then off to my Aunt's, where i do a little cleaning for her and sit and chit chat about olden days and catch her up to speed in my life, with my daughter becoming a woman and Darin's schedule and yadda yadda yadda.

Then it was pick up my prescriptions, and grocery shopping and then cook dinner.
After all that it was time to enjoy a movie...which brings me to my next topic :)


"Sahara" was pretty good. I think it dragged a bit, but Matthew Mcconaughey is a total Babe! I just love the way he smiles.

I watched "Monster-in-Law" and it is great. I love Jane Fonda! She is such a great actress! I wish she was in more movies. Loved her in "On Golden Pond" and "Agnes of god". She was great in Monster-In-Law, and Jennifer Lopez was pretty good. '


Tomorrow is a day of rest, then clean up the house a bit and then get ready for a night out at a wedding. My best friends brother is finally getting married! And because i am so much a part of their family i have been invited :)

Well gnight all

Mom is playing

Mom is having a great time playing with 3 of her grandchildren at the park.

Sarah to the left is my neice and the boy matthew is my nephew. They are both great kids. My little lady is in the middle.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Does it sound like me?

Your Birthdate: June 8

Born on the 8th day of the month, you have a special gift for business, as you can conceive and plan on a grand scale.

You have good executive skills and you're a good judge of values.

You should try to own your own business, because you have such a strong desire to be in control.

You are generally reliable when it comes to handling money; you can be trusted in this regard.

Idealistic by nature, you are never too busy to spend some time on worthwhile causes, especially if managerial support are needed.

There is much potential for material success associated with this number.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I can't believe it!

Ok, i know your probably tired of hearing how my children are growing up so fast, but here goes another thing that caught my attention. Mother and I went to a store and i decided that i was going to go ahead and by the kids new shoes for school because its right around the corner now. Well Darin pulls a shoe out and it was a size 81/2 like the last pair...mind you that his old shoes are very worn. The 81/2 was too small, so ok 9, again too small, ummm 91/2? You guessed it too small! Do i hear a 10...ding, ding ding. My boy...my baby boy of 11 is wearing a size 10 in mens shoes! I about had a coronary! Not only does he wear bigger pants than his dad he wears bigger shoes than his dad. OMG, did i sprinkle miracle grow on him?

Ok...same with my darling daughter, start with last pair of shoes being a 61/2. Size 7 is too small, 71/2 too small, 8 fits with no room to grow, so 81/2 it is to get be a couple months before i have to buy a new pair. Where was i when all this growing took place?
Now mind you that the shoes could just run a bit smaller than other brands, i will take a whole shoe size off would be a size 9 for my son at age 11 and 71/2 for my daughter...does that sound right or am i raising 2 dinosaurs? ...lol...


Ok i went back to work on Tuesday and came into hell, with tours coming thru the stores to check them out. And of course its a false alarm...We do all this cleaning and come to find out that they are not even near our store, or never bother coming at all. I really think that they do that so that we do excessive cleaning to our stores and then they know that they really don't have to come. It works tho, I know in my case i do all of it because i don't want to be the person that didn't clean and my store manager has to bitch slap me. Oh well, it just means extra hours for me and i need them anyways.

I haven't wrote about movies for a while...
Last one that i watched was "Beauty Shop". I really laughed at this one.
I also watched "Sin City"....all i got to say is this one is for the guys! Unless your heavy into comic books, or like alot of gore...this movie is for you. 2 thumbs down from me.
I have 2 movies to watch this week...i will get back with ya on that.

Frank has been gone ever since we got back from our camping trip...Tuesday he went to the Ted Nuggent concert and then i did not realize that he had another concert for Wednesday, this was for Motley Crew he had this planned for months to go with a bunch of guys...the Nuggent concert was kinda last minute... Hope he got all the fun out of him because it will be awhile before either one of us get to go anywhere!

Well I'm getting tired...gnight ya'll

Monday, August 22, 2005

I'm back

I Love Camp Camp Fire Picnic Table Camp Fire Camper

Well I made it thru a weekend of camping. My idea of roughing it is the Holiday Inn. lol
But i do it for my husband and my kids. It gets them away from the tv and games and everything, and actually get some exercise. We went with our neighbors and and a few friends, all in all there was 15 people there.

Friday we got there right at checkin and started pitching up tents and the screenhouses. Then everyone was starving. Nothing is better than camping then some hamburgers and hotdogs off the grill over a open pit. After that the kids went on trails and did some fishing and came back to enjoy a fire and some made up stories off the top of our heads. With all the fresh air it knocked us out in no time flat.

We were all up at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday and were dissappointed right after breakfast a storm came in and we had to try and make sure that the food and chairs and us did not get wet. Luckily we were under coverage of big trees. The storm came and went, but prevented us from doing much of anything. But at night we roasted marshmellows and watched the bon fire and told stories.

Sunday was a great day, we took the kids to the beach and everyone loved swimming and had a great time. They played some football in the water and tryed to dunk the older people swimming. I did not feel like getting wet so i watched from a safe distance. Luckily my daughter was able to participate by then, she was so upset when she thought that she was not going to be able to go swimming.

After swimming they went fishing and more trail hiking and you name it they did it! By dark everyone was talking, and making stories again, more roasting of the marshmellows. We had most of the park to ourselves so it was awful dark and quiet there.

Today was the day to pack it all up and come home, we had alot to talk about and complain about and trying to figure out how we will do it the next time we go. The only complaint that all of us had was about one man that actually invited himself to go with us. Let me tell you that boy can EAT! We usually let the kids go and eat first then the adults, he had no problem with pushing kids to the side to grab his food. He ate and ate and ate. If it wasn't nailed down it was eaten by this man. Now folks, I am the last person to be writing about a person that over eats because you all know now that i am pleasantly fluffy. lol But man i don't remember a time that i looked at this boy and he was not stuffing his face. So that was one complaint that i think i have covered pretty well....Now the second is the same man has terrible allergies and he did not bring anything with him so he hacked and hacked and hacked...i can understand that butttttttt....he made no efforts in covering his mouth at all. At times he sounded like he was going to puke. He should have made an effort to go to the bathroom.

As long as you looked past those 2 problems everything went well and we all had fun. Now its back to the grindstone tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I Can't believe it!

My daughter Amber is a woman today at the age of 9 years old! I knew that she was developing alot, but i never knew that it would be this soon. I was at work when i was told i had a phone call it was an emergency, my husband. He says "May wants to talk to you", she gets on the phone and says "don't panic, but your daughter has started". All i could say is "are you kidding me?"
Luckily she has a teenage daughter that loaned her what she needed till i could get some.
I had to share this because i am in shock!! When i got home I hugged her, kissed her and asked her if she had any questions, any pains, she simply replied "no mom, i watched you and you told me what i would have to do". I had been telling her things all along and what to watch out for. I guess i get the mom gold star :)

Here's my little lady :)

She's giving a cheesy smile ...lol

I apoligize to the men that read this, but to the women i think you can understand :)

Darin's Party

Darin's Birthday cake! It was beautiful with green and blue mixed icing.

Darin on the left and his cousin toasting to his birthday.

This is my hubby Frank, enjoying our little bowling birthday party. I had won 2 hours of free bowling and decided to turn it into a birthday party for our baby boy. We all had fun and i did not have to have a bunch of people at my house to make a mess..lol

I would post some pics of me...but mom only got pictures of my butt and one pic of me looking like i smoked a bunch of crack rock..lol I will get some more and post them

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Darin!!!

Today is my son's 11th birthday and I can't believe how the time has flown! He is a great kid!

I've already wrote about my kids and described their births so i won't bore you with it again.

He is growing up to be a fine young man is all that i can say.

Happy Birthday baby boy!!!!! I Love you with all my heart! I Love You

Sunday, August 14, 2005

This is what you all have been waiting for ...lol

I took 2 rolls of film to be developed the other day and found some pics that i would like to share with you all. This picture is of Me and my hubby at a Christmas party. Aren't we the odd couple? But at least we love eachother. Can you believe he is only 4 years older than me? He's has more white hair than my father does at 58....lol

This is my big baby "Mini", She is 8 years old. She is a Great Pyrenees and is the best dog to have around children. WE call her the queen because she owns the couch the loveseat and the beds. She goes from room to room choosing where her majesty's butt is going to sleep next..lol

She is shave down right now for the summer, but when her hair is full grown she looks like a grizzly bear.

These are my little rats...lol These are my little chihauhau's The one in front is called "Hershey" and the one towards the back is "Torro". They are so cute.

Thanks goes out to my mother for scanning and cropping the pics and emailing me them so that i can share a few pics with you all.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Missing her already!

I went back to work on Tuesday and let me tell ya I was wishing i was back on vacation. I walked into pure hell!!! As soon as i walked in it was busy and did not let up all night. Worse thing about it that's when we get our shipment and whatever they don't finish during the day I have to finish on my shift.

The only good part of the shift was that i had the best employee with me! Raycine is the hardest working girl i have got on staff! Now here is the bad part- Raycine is leaving us to travel to Missouri to be with her kids. I totally understand the reasons and she is getting transferred to another blockbuster store. That store is going to be so lucky to have such a hard working employee! And it could be worth a great deal that she will be getting promoted shortly after if she likes the store and the people in it. Here she would have to wait to move up the ladder and i think its a waste that she is not a manager. Hopefully the move will be all positive!

I will miss her and I know that we will stay in contact! I want her to know that she is a very strong woman, and every woman is! Just keep fighting for what you believe in. And don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it, You have already proved to yourself time and time again that you CAN! Whenever your feeling low and need a pick me up just remember what you had to accomplish in such a short period of time. And if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or ear to rant into you better call me!!!

I'm wishing many positive things to happen to you. Hoping for the best in everything that you do. And the power to take on any obstacle that stands in your way!!!

BYE GIRLFRIEND! Bon Voyage Goodbye Good Luck