Thursday, August 25, 2005

I can't believe it!

Ok, i know your probably tired of hearing how my children are growing up so fast, but here goes another thing that caught my attention. Mother and I went to a store and i decided that i was going to go ahead and by the kids new shoes for school because its right around the corner now. Well Darin pulls a shoe out and it was a size 81/2 like the last pair...mind you that his old shoes are very worn. The 81/2 was too small, so ok 9, again too small, ummm 91/2? You guessed it too small! Do i hear a 10...ding, ding ding. My baby boy of 11 is wearing a size 10 in mens shoes! I about had a coronary! Not only does he wear bigger pants than his dad he wears bigger shoes than his dad. OMG, did i sprinkle miracle grow on him?

Ok...same with my darling daughter, start with last pair of shoes being a 61/2. Size 7 is too small, 71/2 too small, 8 fits with no room to grow, so 81/2 it is to get be a couple months before i have to buy a new pair. Where was i when all this growing took place?
Now mind you that the shoes could just run a bit smaller than other brands, i will take a whole shoe size off would be a size 9 for my son at age 11 and 71/2 for my daughter...does that sound right or am i raising 2 dinosaurs?


Ok i went back to work on Tuesday and came into hell, with tours coming thru the stores to check them out. And of course its a false alarm...We do all this cleaning and come to find out that they are not even near our store, or never bother coming at all. I really think that they do that so that we do excessive cleaning to our stores and then they know that they really don't have to come. It works tho, I know in my case i do all of it because i don't want to be the person that didn't clean and my store manager has to bitch slap me. Oh well, it just means extra hours for me and i need them anyways.

I haven't wrote about movies for a while...
Last one that i watched was "Beauty Shop". I really laughed at this one.
I also watched "Sin City"....all i got to say is this one is for the guys! Unless your heavy into comic books, or like alot of gore...this movie is for you. 2 thumbs down from me.
I have 2 movies to watch this week...i will get back with ya on that.

Frank has been gone ever since we got back from our camping trip...Tuesday he went to the Ted Nuggent concert and then i did not realize that he had another concert for Wednesday, this was for Motley Crew he had this planned for months to go with a bunch of guys...the Nuggent concert was kinda last minute... Hope he got all the fun out of him because it will be awhile before either one of us get to go anywhere!

Well I'm getting tired...gnight ya'll

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gammamoma said...

No, the kids, their not dinosaurs, but you are raising a generation of kids that surpass EVERYTHING that we and our forefathers did before us. I guess with each generation, we can look forward to Super Babies in the near future. HAH!