Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm Back!

It feels good to be back home! Not that i didn't have any fun or anything, but you how it is after you've had enough of one place. There's no place like home.

Well we got up early Monday morning, around 3 a.m. and as Frank packed up the car with everything that we were taking, I hoped in the shower to wake myself up for the 10 and a half hour drive. After we finally got the kids up and dressed after about a half hour of shaking and waking to get them up, we were finally ready to go by 4:15 in the morning.

We actually made good time this trip. It really wasn't bad at all and we actually avoided the tolls in Pennsylvania, no monster traffic all the way down. We made 2 potty breaks and one half hour lunch break. I really have to admit that the kids were great 99 percent of the way down. The last hour was the time that me and Frank had to get them to chill out for a little while longer. But all in all i am very proud of them. They did mention tho that their grandfather needed to move closer!!!! lol And next visit he drives to

So we got to New Jersey around 3:30 in the afternoon and our first visit was to Frank's grandmothers. She was very happy to see him and she was amazed how big our children had gotten in just a few short years. We were met by Frank's dad there and we chit chatted a bit and then we left to see Frank's dad's house. When we got there his wife Jane (Frank's stepmother) was busy finishing dinner. It was a great meal!

After that we talked about things that we can do while we were down there. One thing that Frank wanted to do while he was down there was go thru a truck behind his grandmothers house and see what he can bring home, him and his father had stored a bunch of stuff in this truck and he wanted to take some pictures and some bb guns and tools and such back home.
We decided that we would do that on Wednesday. I'm getting ahead of myself

So Tuesday we got up early and headed towards Keansburg beach, We played in the bay and the kids actually found a horseshoe crab crawling on the beach, my kids were excited because they had never seen one up close. They picked it up and took it back out to the water, For some reason they would not go further than getting their feet wet after the horseshoe and seeing a jellyfish in the water. Well after catching the worst sunburn on my face we decided to walk over to the area with all the rides and games and let the kids ride for a few hours. While they did that i ducked into any area with shade! While we were there i saw a place that made key chains and i thought that i should be able to get one souvenior. I purchaced a key chain that has a double heart and engraved mine and Frank's name on it and our wedding date.

Well after that we went back to the house and talked about what to do the next day. So Wednesday we didn't do anything but hang around the house and the men decided that Thursday was going to be the day to go fishing, Fishing (this is what my son Darin wanted to do for a very long time, was fishing with grandpa in the ocean) So first thing in the morning the boys went fishing and the girls left at the house went out for lunch and then hit the mall nearby. This mall actually had a Build-A-Bear in it and i decided that since Amber did not get to go fishing, i would buy her a bear since she lives for stuffed animals. She was excited about that and even picked out a blanket for it and had a voice box put in it to make it roar. After that we went back to the house and the boys came back a short while after that and told us of the fish that they caught. They all said that they caught about 20 for each of them but were only able to keep 2 because they were too short to keep. So Darin got one keeper and Frank got one keeper. They all smelled like fish ewwwwwwww so pushed them into showers and then ordered pizza for the night.

Friday we got up and took the troops to a bowling alley, Bowling the kids had a blast and they showed off how good they could bowl to their grandfather. He was very impressed, especially when Frank was throwing so many gutter balls and the kids were It was a good time, after that Frank's dad took us to a pretty fancy restaurant for dinner, But in all honesty i was not impressed with the food. I really did not like the taste of my ribs.

When we got back to the house Frank's dad went down to the basement to give Frank alot of things that he had stored for him. We brought home a beautiful ceiling fan that i am going to put in my kitchen and some albums and a whole bunch of things. I was beginning to think that i was going to have to rent a uhaul to get home with.

I had called our neighbor to see how my animals were doing and was informed that my big monster dog that would not hurt a flea was guarding our home. She says that she was growling at her at the door and would not let her in. I'm still having a hard time belieiving that this was true. But if it did happen it was only a case of missing us. I really don't think that the neighbor took good care of my animals, she said she did alot of things but i just did not see that when i got home. Thankfully my big dog has the run of the house and she did not mess anywhere in my house, but the chihauhau's are kept in the laundry room and i had a hell of a mess to clean up with them. But all in all everyone's ok and they started to eat again. May said that Mini was not eating good while we were gone...Well she is back to eating like a horse again i am glad to say.
Mini has pretty much not left my side since i have been home. What a cutie

Saturday we got up at 4 in the morning and was ready and on our way back home by 4:30. Frank's dad wanted us to stay one more day, but i informed him that my animals were acting strange and the neighbor did not think that she was going to be able to get in and take care of them. So we said our goodbye's and did the same thing going down as going up ...2 potty breaks and one meal.

When we arrived home we unpacked the car and cleaned the mess in the house and then unpacked the bags. Then we went out for dinner and when we got back i had to take the blankets to the laundry because at his dad's was wood floors and my blankets pretty much dusted those for So i washed them and then i had to go to the pet store to feed the snake and the frogs and then i had to go grocery shopping since we had nothing to drink or eat. So as you can figure i was totally exhaused by the time i got to sit down at my house it was 10:30 at night.

Sunday i did absolutely nothing but sleep in! After that i had to go see my Jaycee do her pageant and got to see my best friend for a few hours. Yeh!!! Monday i decided i had to take a few dollars and buy some school stuff...i purchased undies and socks and one outfit each for both. Hopefully i will be able to get some more stuff as we go along.

Well....i'm tired and i think i have bored you all long enough for g'night


MrsDoF said...

A keychain with names and wedding date is such a nice souvenir.
And a ceiling fan for the kitchen. Hope it's not too long before it gets installed!
All things considered, this trip should get an A-, because a ritzy place should serve good food. Seeing family is the best part though.

Monica said...

Glad to hear you guys are back safe and sound. Can't believe the kids were good for a 10 hour car trip. That's great! What did you entertain them with? We're lucky we have the DVD player. If we didn't, I think Skyler would talk for 12 hours straight! Girlfriend can't stop talking.

You said you came back with some albums. Photo albums? I love having family photos. I have all of my grandmother's photo albums after she passed away. You can never replace family treasures like that.

Glad to see your home!