Saturday, July 30, 2005

vacation!!!! wooo hooo!

Well as of Monday at 4 in the morning i am leaving Michigan to visit New Jersey for 5 days.
I really can't wait to go, but I really hate the long drive. My only fears of traveling is breaking down in the car, in a state that i have no clue about.

I have alot to do on Sunday, finish cleaning the house and laundry and cages and packing on top of putting my 8 hours in at work! Frank is going to be a doll and do alot for me while i am working which will take some of the stress off me.

Today i took my car to a car wash and vacuumed the crap out of it, and then gave it a good bath. Then came home and washed the inside windows and then I Fabreezed it to death! Just to make it smell good. A few weeks ago my husband left a slab of ribs in the car and made my car smell like the city morgue! Well the smell is no longer there thank god!

Well i will tell ya all about New Jersey when i get back .


cindy said...

Have A Safe Trip! And have tons of adventures to write about!

gammamoma said...

Have fun, and give us a full report of what you see. Remember to check out the family names at Ellis Island and get pics of the Statue of Liberty! And......... like Dad said, don't let the kids swim in the ocean, the sharks will get them, and WE DON'T WANT THAT to HAPPEN! USE THE POOL LOL!

Mallard said...

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

MrsDoF said...

Am I too late to wave bye-bye?
Have a great time!
Don't get food poisoning cuz you're eating all the weird foods roadside. I always worry more about my innards than any car problems.

Monica said...

Hope you guys have a fun and safe trip! Tell us all about it when you get back!