Saturday, July 16, 2005

I had a day off :)

I didn't do much today other than pay a bill and do some grocery shopping. This is very unusual for me. I usually have 342 things to do in a day.

My son asked if i would take him to Kmart's so he could spend some of his money that he had saved. He purchased an action figure, and my daughter had a few dollars and purchased some puzzles and some more plastic animals. I say my daughter now owns over a thousand of these plastic animals. If she doesn't grow up to do something in the animal field, i think i will just die!

While looking around Kmart i saw so many things that i would like to purchase but just can't. Like all summer i have been looking for sandles for my daughter and i finally found some that i like. One of the pairs you can tie up in front and one has a velcro that attaches the shoe on. I have been looking for sandles that have a heel on them. I think they are much safer for her to play in that way. Well anyways, as usual i don't have the money to purchase them...they want 20 dollars for them. And you know what happens now, i will get the money and they will be all out of them.



I watched "Man of the house" with Tommy Lee Jones. I give this a high five in comedy. I found it very funny to watch. So much so that i watched it twice. Tommy plays a cop that has to watch over 5 cheerleaders that witnessed a murder.

I also got to watch "Ice Princess". Trust me if you have a daughter, she will love this movie! My daughter has watched it at least 5 times! This movie is about a girl that decides she is going to study figure skaters and use it towards getting a scholarship in physics. Well she decides to try and test her theory's with her problem solving and really gets into figure skating. Disney always makes such good family movies.

I have one more movie to watch and that is "King's Ransom" I will get back to ya on that one.
On a personal note:

I have a couple of friends that are having a hard time in their marriages, I just want them to know that i am thinking of them and praying for things to work out!


Frank and the neighbor went out fishing today and i have to say that Frank actually brought home a nice size fish! A pretty big bass! I laughed when the neighbors daughter asked where they had bought it from. lol That falls under kids say the darndest things.

They plan on going all weekend. I hope they do have some fun. And the boat is getting some use.

Well i'm off to bed... g' night


MrsDoF said...

It's good the boat is getting use, but perhaps you should stay on shore in the shade after your last exposure to the sun.
Trouble in marriages...
Usually things can be worked out if everyone wants to do the efforts.
I'll hold good thoughts.

Mallard said...

Plastic animals? I'm glad my fishtank has only four dinosaurs on the top, otherwise there'd be no room for the fish! lol

Ahh yes, the joys of shopping... maybe layby for the sandals...?

Yes, a lot of people I've journeyed with in my life have met with various marriage problems at some point or another - tuff times. It's just good to stick by them as friends and not take sides - as hard as that can be sometimes!

Enjoy that bass... hope it's not a mutant sea bass with a lazerbeam on its head...

Mal :o)

cindy said...

Any movie with Tommy Lee Jones in it I'll see. He is on the old guy eye candy list!
Marriage is about problems and solutions. I too hope things work out.
My husband can fish all he wants. If he brings something home he knows he'll have to cook it. I barely ever even handle raw hamburger so fish is a negative.