Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm Learning..

As you can see i have done a few things to my blog to make it more personal to me. Mom and I are both trying different things. She has been showing me different things that she has learned and i take it home and try it out for mine. Since i don't really get on the computer as much as i would like to i rely on her to tell or show me what she learned.

I've also been learning how to play Dominoes!!! It is so fun to play! I can't believe i have not learned to play this sooner! If you get the chance to learn it, i highly recommend it! I have taught my mother and my son to play the double 6's. Once you start it is kinda addicting.


Work was weird today. Where i work its called a strip mall, and at this strip mall 99 percent of it the power was knocked out all day!!!! Only a section with about 8 stores was open with power this included my store.

Well anyways, this lady walked in, looked around, got some movies and came up to the register with movies in her hand and handed them to me and then asks "Are you guys open"? It doesn't take a genious to figure what i was thinking at that moment! All i could say was "your in the store aren't ya!!" But what i really was wanting to say is "Here's your sign!" Anyone that has every watched Bill Engval will know what i mean on that! I mean how many stores do you know that are closed but yet your able to walk inside of it. Go Figure!



I watched "Guess Who" and i have to say that it was pretty funny. The movie is about an interacial relationship and Ashton Kutcher is going to meet his fiance's dad. Bernie Mac is the dad so you know with that combination, your looking at a funny movie!


My son is in major pain right now. My cousin took him to an outdoor waterpark and really got fried by the sun. I wished i knew he was going there or i would have packed him a shirt to wear. I know that he is just like me...he would fry! So no shirt, and he got burnt to the point of blisters all over his shoulders and arms! The pain my poor little poor went thru when they popped yesterday was enough to make you cry. Luckily my neighbor had some silverdene and i went and got some gauze to cover his poor skin. He is doing better today thankfully. I just want him to get better before we go on our trip to New Jersey.


Anybody know of any good sites to see in New Jersey? Something on the cheap end would be I'm still trying to figure out how we are getting down
Well ya'll i'm getting tired. Hello Tired

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Mallard said...

Fiddlin' with ya blog is fun - but can drive u a bit potty if it gets the better of you sometimes! Ack!

I remember frying my skin accidentially at his age at the start of every summer... it's not easy to be the parent, eh? :(

Mal :o)