Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm still going strong.

Ya I know it's been

Well i do want to start out that my husband finally has a permanent job. It's a big factory, and already he had 2 from being hired in and another for making it 3 months hired in. So some worry is off my shoulders. Just playing catch up for over a years worth of trying to keep the house. He seems to like it there and from the way he talks it seems they like him, this makes me happy.

I can't believe it's already been six months since mom passed. I pray everyday that she would come to me in a dream. I miss her so much! The day after Christmas i was at her grave, with a beautiful arrangement that is appropriate to keep there. Wished her a Merry Christmas and told her how much she is missed. I told her how I screwed up Christmas dinner...Not horribly but it wasn't as good as hers! I tried, I will learn how to do it right! The holidays will never be the same.

I would say that the first 4 months was hard, I wasn't sleeping, i wasn't even really existing! Just was here. The last 2 months I feel like me! I have good days and i have bad. My father makes it hard. He's so lonely, he thinks it's time for him to find another...all that really is the fact that he can't stand being home all by himself and the fact he has to do everything for himself...he is definitely not used to that. Cooking is his major complaint. I help with his bills, but that's all i'm pretty much doing. My sister comes over every once in a while to help clean. My dad could drive someone insane, I really don't know how my mom put up with him!

My son Darin is excited that he will be all graduated by May 25th, his commencement is on May 31st. We are all excited... I am thinking of having his party on June 3rd...I really need to start finding a place to have it. Start getting decorations and things like that.

My daughter has done most of her steps to get her driver's license. She only needs to take driving test and go to secretary of state and get it. She still gets a little nervous, but drives well. Darin has alot more confidence in it.

Work for me hasn't been great, they have me doing alot of the stock position that i hate soooo much! They came to me and asked if i would like to start doing it 5 days a week. I think that I will tell them tomorrow No! I will never get off of it and I don't want to start hating getting up every morning to go to work. It will depress me to no end!

I had my car in the car repair shop last week because the engine light came on. Turned out to need a tune up and for a week all was good, but yesterday it came back on...I hope it won't cost me a fortune! Figures that when it's almost paid off things start falling apart. Hopefully its a warranty thing and won't cost me nothing. :)

Well my friends...Lets hope for a great 2012!