Friday, October 28, 2005

The spirit of Halloween

Since it's been a list kinda thing lately i thought i would make one:
I told my mother this and if you read her blog she took she went a little different with it..but

Things that i am afraid of:

1. Spiders: They always find me too! I almost crashed my car because one was crawling on my windshield on the inside!!!! omg

2. Losing my parents: I can't bare the thought.

3. Losing a child: goes right along with i don't know if i could exist without them.

4. Giving speeches: Just hate them!!!!

5. Losing my job: This is because if i lose it, i'm afraid of losing everything that i own. :(

6. I'm afraid of not being able to watch my kids grow up. (ie...because of my health)

7. Poisonous snakes: this should be an obvious one.

8. Going across 8 mile at night! this rarely has to happen....but when i do...i barely stop and doors are locked.

9. Guns: another obvious!

10. I'm afraid of riding over bridges, heights!

Well these are just a few things that i can list off that i am afraid of...

so how about it? what are you afraid of?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

list of things that i think were exciting

The challenge was to come up with some things that i have done that I thought were exciting.

This is probably going to be a short list tonight...and not as exciting as my blogging friend Monica has. I'm real tired so i will try.

1. When i was 18 i flew to Florida to finally meet my grandfather that i had not seen since i was a toddler. The flight was my first ever. And also my first vacation on my own.

2. Of course my kids!!

3. My wedding! I planned everything with the help of my best friend Barb.

4. Buying my house! The day we looked at it, i knew it was mine. I was so excited i could not describe it to my mother, i had to bring her and let her see it.

5. visited Niagra Falls, god it's a beautiful gift of nature.

I will get back to ya on this..

maybe i will look at some old photos to jog my memory.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Whatever floats my boat

Jack O' Lantern

Well Sunday's bowling is at least postable...not the greatest but an improvment over last week

Amber 75,57,59
Darin 79,102,108
Frank 113,97.127
Caroline 102,91,112

Can ya believe it ...were in last place...lmao
It's all for fun anyways.


Went shopping with mom today and i thought i would spend a couple dollars on myself and finally get a new purse. The one that i had i have had for a couple years, it was time.
I don't like buying purses, they are making them smaller and smaller these days...Helloooooo i am a mom i have to have mom things in never know when your going to need something and damn it..i want it to be

I also splurged and bought some new make-up...I'm sure the stuff that i had in my make-up bag i had since the day i got married. And the other half, well lets just say that someone and i'm not mentioning any names (Amber) borrowed(stole) it.

Then i finally i have one christmas present hidden away for Darin...don't tell but its a pair of pants..shhhhhhhh...
I have been feeling silly all day!

Saturday at work i had to push the online thing and i stood there screaming "get your red hot christmas presents here" I was shocked when it actually worked!!!lol

Darin and Amber had their teeth cleaned today and they both got a zero cavity report!!! yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Last time Darin cost me $300 dollars of work to be done. And that's with insurance...without insurance you might as well hammer the nails into my Tombstone

Anyone dressing up for halloween? I'm thinking about it...i do have a like a grim reeper costume, i thought about getting an alien mask and wearing it to work. I think it would be fun.
What will you be dressing as?
Black Cat

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I did my good deed

My mother and I got the spirit of Halloween and visited the cemetary. We took care of all our relatives stones by clearing away the grass that was overgrowing onto them. Then she had purchased some silk flowers to decorate their stones. We had not been there since the end of May of 2004 so the grass had grown a great deal. Before that it had been years and they were so covered we barely found them so this time was not as bad.

It's sad to see that no one but us has taken an interest to remember our beloved. Standing above my grandparents stones i said to mom "You know, they did not have 7 kids to just be forgotten about!" Alot of the family has issues with one another, but that should not go against the people that gave them life and took care of them.

My mother wrote in her blog that she wondered if anyone would visit hers. I made her a promise that i would every year at least once if not twice. I will pick a month and stay true to my word!


Work has been sucky lately. I'm stressed to no end! They want us selling the online package that they got going on. All i can say is that i am trying to with every customer, that's all you can do. Well they are stressing out our store manager, which in turn stresses us all out.
I am starting to have headaches all the time just before i go into work. I used to LOVE my job. I still do, but they are making it very hard.

I've only watched a few movies..
"Batman Begins" was alright, worth watching once...I will tell you that you have to get past the first hour of bringing the story together..but once you knew what was going on it started to make sense.
"Sisterhood of the traveling pants" another movie that you can only watch once.
"Bewitched" I was so bored that i was doing everything but watching or listening to this movie.
right now i have "Herbie" and "Star wars" I hope that i will be able to watch these...but its not looking good. The kids have watched "Herbie" and they said that they liked it.

If someone out there can tell my how to put a link in their blogs without posting the url on here it would help me a great deal :) I know there is a link button up there...but it doesn't seem to work right for me. :( What am i doing wrong?

Well take care people...have a great weeked...
Hopefully bowling won't be so bad this weekend.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Let's see what i can come up with

I really don't have to much to say but let's see what happens here.

Let's start with the beginning of the weekend, Friday was my day off and let me tell you that it was no day off!! As i told Cindy from that a day off to me is working my ass off without getting paid!

It started with dropping the kids off at school, come home and pay some bills. Then run to the pet store and find out the dog food i wanted was on sale and they were out, so i had to drive 4 miles down the road to get a bag at the sale price. Then rush to the grocery store, then home to drop off groceries really fast because i had to go clean my aunt's house by noon. Leave her house by 2 p.m. and run up to a christmas store where i was looking for a fuse for my pumpkin for halloween. (which turned out that it kept blowing a fuse) so garbage city that goes. Then i had to run to the post office for some stamps, that i needed for all the bills that i paid first thing that morning. Then rush to the kids school to pick them up, then straight to the sporting good's store for a bowling glove for Amber.(we are hoping this will improve Amber's bowling.) We had been promising her this glove ever since bowling started. Then on the way home pick up our dinner, pizza, and then managed to squeeze in some bingo! Mom had luck on her side that night.

Saturday i slept my butt in, for a bit. And when i got up i started doing a ton of laundry and cooked a great meal before going to work. Saturday was busy up in the "B" I could not wait to get out.
While speaking about work, November is going to be a huge movie month!! Madagasgar, Star wars, Polar express, Christmas with the cranks, are just a few of the big movies coming next month.

Sunday was bowling day and to be honest not really worth mentioning. We all could not bowl for crap. Amber, because of her glove was the only one that bowled above their average.
The scores was so crappy that i am not even going to post them...shame shame shame.
We were bowling against some pros and we got our butts kicked good!
OH WELL all for fun anyways right?

Today another day off and nothing really got accomplished but i did alot. Mainly taking my mother all over. But hey what else is there to do other than sleep? Heyyyyyyyyyyyy that's an idea! lol

I wouldn't know what to do!

Darin brought home his first progress report and it was really good up until the part about an F in language arts. I can't bitch much because it was all A's and B's in the rest. He hates this class because of all the reading and writing...... Because it's his first offense..... I just said that i was not pleased and that i expected him to up this grade in the next card marking. Even if its a D or a C it's better than an F. I can't expect perfect children, but an F just show's me you did not even try. He promised he will do better.

Well i have rambled on long enough...geesh for someone that had nothing much to say i was able to pull a rabbit out of my hat eh?

Later all..

Monday, October 10, 2005


This past Sunday was not very successful, don't know why. Every time i thought i had a strike going it gave me the

Amber 79, 77, 60
Darin 86, 98, 84
Frank 136, 142, 128
Me 105, 107, 99

Anyways, it was fun tho. Kids made a fortune this weekeend. Darin ended up with 2.50 and Amber 2.25. If they get any better we will have to reconcider the money for spares and

I finished taking a typing test online and it says that i can type 64 words a minute. I am going to take it one night when i am not so tired, i might type faster. When i was in high school i was typing 40 to 45 words. Not bad.

Well I'm getting bye for now

Sunday, October 09, 2005

My first shot in 10 years

Well folks, when i saw the doctors on Friday and i told him all the symtoms i was having, it was agreed that the "actos" should be stopped. They checked my urine to see if sugar was being spilled in my urine, turns out it's not, thank god.

So then he took me off the the medicine and he is trying this insulin called "lantus" only on 10cc right now but i have to monitor my sugars for a while and we may have to up this medicine in the next month, depending on how its going. I only have to take it one time a day, before bed. I have chosen around 1 in the morning because i am usually coming home from work and have a snack and i am always home by 1 in the morning.

I thought it was going to be hard to start doing it all over again. But it's like riding a bike, you never forget. It wasn't so bad, i really did not mind the shots as much as poking the fingers 5 times a day. Back then i was working for Mcdonald's and after poking yourself all the time to stick your hands in pickle juice and onions...would hurt like hell! I have a great machine now, i can poke anywhere i want to now so my fingers don't ache.


Ok...this is the time of year where my renting becomes a little sparce. I hate scary movies!!!!!And that's all that seems to be coming out lately. I can't wait till Christmas i have been waiting for "Christmas with the cranks" and a few other christmas movies.
So i have not been renting to many. But i did get to watch "The sisterhood of the traveling pants" I can say that it is worth watching one time in your life. No big reviews for this one.

Well i gotta go...bowling in just a few hours, so ya'll take care.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hey Ya'll

Well this past Sunday went very well as far as bowling was concern.
I bowled my best ever, here's the scores.

Amber 69, 97, 64
Darin 107, 82, 74
Frank 131, 111, 131
Me 107, 137, 116

Not bad, really my best ever.


I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, i'm really not looking forward to it. Although all he is going to do is take blood. But i really feel that i don't like being on this new medicine.
I will talk to him about that tomorrow.

My lovely daughter really made me mad the other day. I looked at her and it only took me all of 2 seconds to realize that she had shaved between her eyes . She says that kids were calling her unibrow, I say that she was experimenting and thinks that saying that will not get her trouble.
I told her that she should have came to me and i would have helped her. Now i have to wait till some of it grows out. Thank god its not horrible and some of her hair kinda hides it. But if you really look you can see where she screwed it up.

I guess she will be shaving her legs and armpits soon. God i am feeling old!


Work has been sucking really bad, to the point that i really don't want to be there any longer than i have to be.
First they screwed us out of the money that we won while doing a contest.
Now they have screwed us out of a raise, we have to keep track of everything that we sell and they will now determine our raise by that.
I don't know how secure my job is anymore and that terrifies me. I can't start all over again. Noone is going to hire me at the rate of pay that i make or close to it. This sucks! I just hope things start to look better for blockbuster.
Well i have to get my kids soon. Take it easy all...