Saturday, October 22, 2005

I did my good deed

My mother and I got the spirit of Halloween and visited the cemetary. We took care of all our relatives stones by clearing away the grass that was overgrowing onto them. Then she had purchased some silk flowers to decorate their stones. We had not been there since the end of May of 2004 so the grass had grown a great deal. Before that it had been years and they were so covered we barely found them so this time was not as bad.

It's sad to see that no one but us has taken an interest to remember our beloved. Standing above my grandparents stones i said to mom "You know, they did not have 7 kids to just be forgotten about!" Alot of the family has issues with one another, but that should not go against the people that gave them life and took care of them.

My mother wrote in her blog that she wondered if anyone would visit hers. I made her a promise that i would every year at least once if not twice. I will pick a month and stay true to my word!


Work has been sucky lately. I'm stressed to no end! They want us selling the online package that they got going on. All i can say is that i am trying to with every customer, that's all you can do. Well they are stressing out our store manager, which in turn stresses us all out.
I am starting to have headaches all the time just before i go into work. I used to LOVE my job. I still do, but they are making it very hard.

I've only watched a few movies..
"Batman Begins" was alright, worth watching once...I will tell you that you have to get past the first hour of bringing the story together..but once you knew what was going on it started to make sense.
"Sisterhood of the traveling pants" another movie that you can only watch once.
"Bewitched" I was so bored that i was doing everything but watching or listening to this movie.
right now i have "Herbie" and "Star wars" I hope that i will be able to watch these...but its not looking good. The kids have watched "Herbie" and they said that they liked it.

If someone out there can tell my how to put a link in their blogs without posting the url on here it would help me a great deal :) I know there is a link button up there...but it doesn't seem to work right for me. :( What am i doing wrong?

Well take care people...have a great weeked...
Hopefully bowling won't be so bad this weekend.


gammamoma said...

Thank you sweetheart for making that promise, although I will not hold it against you if it doesn't happen, and if you don't make it happen all the time. I know how hard it is in life sometimes. I know I don't always have time to remember my own mother and time slips by so fast, but I think of her often.

Mallard said...

I haven't been to my parent's memorial plaques for about 2 months... for me, I think it's because they're 'not actually there'.... a grave is just a place for those who are left behind to remember, and my memories are of them when they were alive. Not that I've got anything negative against cemetaries etc - not at all. Whenever i head up that way (it's about 90 minutes away), I try to drop in, but it's still a bit surreal for me to see their names sitting there side by side.

Monica said...

I find it hard to visit my relatives' graves that often since I live in another state. But when I do go home, I try to stop by my aunt's and grandmother's grave. I'm lucky, most of my relatives are still alive, or they either died before I was born or when I was too young to even remember them. Its nice that someone in your family still cares and would take the time out to clean up their graves.

As for the links... Try this code.

Hope that works. You can just change the url and then the name to whatever you need it to be. Let me know if it works!

Monica said...

Dang, I just realized it doesn't show YOU the code in the post. Hmm, email me at my email address adn I'll try and send it to you.

monicahuck at gmail . com

Dak-Ind said...

we go tend to my grandparents graves (we being my folks and whoever my mom can drag along... which is usually me and my DH) twice per year. we go on memorial day and on veterans day. the town where they are buried takes such good care of the site that usually all we have to do is some random weeds and some flower arranging.