Monday, October 10, 2005


This past Sunday was not very successful, don't know why. Every time i thought i had a strike going it gave me the

Amber 79, 77, 60
Darin 86, 98, 84
Frank 136, 142, 128
Me 105, 107, 99

Anyways, it was fun tho. Kids made a fortune this weekeend. Darin ended up with 2.50 and Amber 2.25. If they get any better we will have to reconcider the money for spares and

I finished taking a typing test online and it says that i can type 64 words a minute. I am going to take it one night when i am not so tired, i might type faster. When i was in high school i was typing 40 to 45 words. Not bad.

Well I'm getting bye for now


Dak-Ind said...

kids are supposed to run you into the poor house... at least thats what my dad said "You kids are running me into the poor house!!" i can still hear it (it was usually followed by "dont any of you know how to turn off a lightswitch!?!?") Actually, i think its great that you have found something you can do as a family!

Monica said...

With a typing speed like that, maybe you should consider changing your profession! Especially if something happens to Blockbuster. I was a legal secretary for several years. With no college, they make pretty decent money. Hope your doing good! Take care.

MrsDoF said...

No way do I type that fast. Even in high school typing class, I was only at 48 words per minute. The girl next to me sounded like a machine gun. She went on to work in the County Court system, data entry or some job title like it.
Since my carpal tunnel surgeries, I am much slower and need this fancy 'split' keyboard to get any typing done properly. For my college work, when we have in-class assignments, I make so many flubs I can hardly read it myself when doing the spellcheck.
You might try to polish up your keyboard ability.
It could take you far.

Mallard said...

Glad ur all still going out together bowling - and enjoying it too!

You type faster than I do... I stil at about 53 wpm... and I'm jsst a 5-finger-typist! hahahaa

Mal :o)