Friday, October 28, 2005

The spirit of Halloween

Since it's been a list kinda thing lately i thought i would make one:
I told my mother this and if you read her blog she took she went a little different with it..but

Things that i am afraid of:

1. Spiders: They always find me too! I almost crashed my car because one was crawling on my windshield on the inside!!!! omg

2. Losing my parents: I can't bare the thought.

3. Losing a child: goes right along with i don't know if i could exist without them.

4. Giving speeches: Just hate them!!!!

5. Losing my job: This is because if i lose it, i'm afraid of losing everything that i own. :(

6. I'm afraid of not being able to watch my kids grow up. (ie...because of my health)

7. Poisonous snakes: this should be an obvious one.

8. Going across 8 mile at night! this rarely has to happen....but when i do...i barely stop and doors are locked.

9. Guns: another obvious!

10. I'm afraid of riding over bridges, heights!

Well these are just a few things that i can list off that i am afraid of...

so how about it? what are you afraid of?


Monica said...

I made my list! Your just trying to pay me back for the list I asked you to do the other day aren't ya? ;-)

Btw, did the html for the "link" I gave you work?

Mallard said...

Links and lists everywhere! Check out one of the recent entries on my blog for a 5,000 question quiz/survey!!! Ack! hahahaa
Mal :)

MrsDoF said...

There's not much I'm truly afraid of in the physical realm. Although to jump out of an airplane, even with a good parachute, would only be in absolute emergency! I can handle heights if there is something strong under me--Like the hill I just climbed--and I am looking out over the valley. But to just be suspended in the air like a Ferris wheel does give me the willies.

One of the ways I got over being afraid to make speeches was to go to an Open Mike at the coffee shoppe. All kinds of folks getting up and singing, and playing instruments, and reading poetry (written by someone great, or even their own).
We were there to have fun, never criticize. And it really, really helped me get past my anxiety.
Later, I took an Oral Communications class at the community college. It also was a very helpful and positive experience. Some of the folks who were in that same class still are buddies in a current study group.