Monday, October 24, 2005

Whatever floats my boat

Jack O' Lantern

Well Sunday's bowling is at least postable...not the greatest but an improvment over last week

Amber 75,57,59
Darin 79,102,108
Frank 113,97.127
Caroline 102,91,112

Can ya believe it ...were in last place...lmao
It's all for fun anyways.


Went shopping with mom today and i thought i would spend a couple dollars on myself and finally get a new purse. The one that i had i have had for a couple years, it was time.
I don't like buying purses, they are making them smaller and smaller these days...Helloooooo i am a mom i have to have mom things in never know when your going to need something and damn it..i want it to be

I also splurged and bought some new make-up...I'm sure the stuff that i had in my make-up bag i had since the day i got married. And the other half, well lets just say that someone and i'm not mentioning any names (Amber) borrowed(stole) it.

Then i finally i have one christmas present hidden away for Darin...don't tell but its a pair of pants..shhhhhhhh...
I have been feeling silly all day!

Saturday at work i had to push the online thing and i stood there screaming "get your red hot christmas presents here" I was shocked when it actually worked!!!lol

Darin and Amber had their teeth cleaned today and they both got a zero cavity report!!! yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Last time Darin cost me $300 dollars of work to be done. And that's with insurance...without insurance you might as well hammer the nails into my Tombstone

Anyone dressing up for halloween? I'm thinking about it...i do have a like a grim reeper costume, i thought about getting an alien mask and wearing it to work. I think it would be fun.
What will you be dressing as?
Black Cat


Monica said...

I'm a grinch, I never get dressed up for Halloween. Of course I love dressing up Skyler and Chase! And before the kids, I dressed up the dogs. Nikita has a doggie witch costume and Rusty has a doggie Superman costume. Skyler is going as Cinderella this year and Chase will be a pumkin. The only bad thing about Halloween is one of us has to take the kids out treak or treating and the other one has to stay behind and hand out candy. Kinda sucks.

Anonymous said...

I'm going as a homocidal maniac...we look just like everyone else. Elena is going to be Merlin (sans the beard) and Troy is going to be Pooh's honey pot. It'll be his first time going trick-or-treating.

Anonymous said...

BTW- That wast comment was from Bianca-lol I'm a tard!

caroline said...

lmao..i know..when you mentioned elena and troy :) cute costumes!
i hope they have fun! Darin says he's too old and does not want to. lol i was 14 when i