Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hey Ya'll

Well this past Sunday went very well as far as bowling was concern.
I bowled my best ever, here's the scores.

Amber 69, 97, 64
Darin 107, 82, 74
Frank 131, 111, 131
Me 107, 137, 116

Not bad, really my best ever.


I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, i'm really not looking forward to it. Although all he is going to do is take blood. But i really feel that i don't like being on this new medicine.
I will talk to him about that tomorrow.

My lovely daughter really made me mad the other day. I looked at her and it only took me all of 2 seconds to realize that she had shaved between her eyes . She says that kids were calling her unibrow, I say that she was experimenting and thinks that saying that will not get her trouble.
I told her that she should have came to me and i would have helped her. Now i have to wait till some of it grows out. Thank god its not horrible and some of her hair kinda hides it. But if you really look you can see where she screwed it up.

I guess she will be shaving her legs and armpits soon. God i am feeling old!


Work has been sucking really bad, to the point that i really don't want to be there any longer than i have to be.
First they screwed us out of the money that we won while doing a contest.
Now they have screwed us out of a raise, we have to keep track of everything that we sell and they will now determine our raise by that.
I don't know how secure my job is anymore and that terrifies me. I can't start all over again. Noone is going to hire me at the rate of pay that i make or close to it. This sucks! I just hope things start to look better for blockbuster.
Well i have to get my kids soon. Take it easy all...


Dak-Ind said...

my best friend was a general manager for blockbuster! she got screwed right out of her job. be wary! hope all goes well for you and hehe, remember when you were a young girl and did stupid stuff like cutting your sisters hair?

Monica said...

With companies like Netflix coming into the picture, I see dark days ahead for other DVD rental companies. It's so nice to just have everything come to your house and not have to drag the whole family out to a video store. Sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear!

Hope your doctor appointment goes well. Let us know how your doing.

I'm sure your daughter is going to do lots of silly things like that. At least you aren't dealing with the 4 year old temper tantrums in public or anything. Maybe you can show her how to pluck them or even take her to a salon when they grow back out to have them waxed or something. I know it only costs like $7.00 here where I live. And I can feel her pain if kids were calling her a "unibrow". We used to have a girl at school who had a "unibrow" and they teased her all the time. You know how teenagers can be. You can't be different. Anyway, good luck!