Sunday, October 09, 2005

My first shot in 10 years

Well folks, when i saw the doctors on Friday and i told him all the symtoms i was having, it was agreed that the "actos" should be stopped. They checked my urine to see if sugar was being spilled in my urine, turns out it's not, thank god.

So then he took me off the the medicine and he is trying this insulin called "lantus" only on 10cc right now but i have to monitor my sugars for a while and we may have to up this medicine in the next month, depending on how its going. I only have to take it one time a day, before bed. I have chosen around 1 in the morning because i am usually coming home from work and have a snack and i am always home by 1 in the morning.

I thought it was going to be hard to start doing it all over again. But it's like riding a bike, you never forget. It wasn't so bad, i really did not mind the shots as much as poking the fingers 5 times a day. Back then i was working for Mcdonald's and after poking yourself all the time to stick your hands in pickle juice and onions...would hurt like hell! I have a great machine now, i can poke anywhere i want to now so my fingers don't ache.


Ok...this is the time of year where my renting becomes a little sparce. I hate scary movies!!!!!And that's all that seems to be coming out lately. I can't wait till Christmas i have been waiting for "Christmas with the cranks" and a few other christmas movies.
So i have not been renting to many. But i did get to watch "The sisterhood of the traveling pants" I can say that it is worth watching one time in your life. No big reviews for this one.

Well i gotta go...bowling in just a few hours, so ya'll take care.

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Monica said...

We don't get to do much movie watching ourselves anymore. Skyler and I go to the movies occasionally, but we hardly ever have time to watch any at home.

I'm sending you best wishes on your diabetes/sugar. Hope things turn for the better and you can go without the shots again. Having watched my mother go through diabetes for the last 25 years, I really hope things get better for you. I'm sure I'm vulnerable to being overweight and with the family history. Take good care of yourself!