Wednesday, October 26, 2005

list of things that i think were exciting

The challenge was to come up with some things that i have done that I thought were exciting.

This is probably going to be a short list tonight...and not as exciting as my blogging friend Monica has. I'm real tired so i will try.

1. When i was 18 i flew to Florida to finally meet my grandfather that i had not seen since i was a toddler. The flight was my first ever. And also my first vacation on my own.

2. Of course my kids!!

3. My wedding! I planned everything with the help of my best friend Barb.

4. Buying my house! The day we looked at it, i knew it was mine. I was so excited i could not describe it to my mother, i had to bring her and let her see it.

5. visited Niagra Falls, god it's a beautiful gift of nature.

I will get back to ya on this..

maybe i will look at some old photos to jog my memory.


Monica said...

There you go! See I know you have lots and lots of more stuff to tell. I just couldn't sleep and I was thinking that I would want my son and daughter to know all the things we have done in life. I know I should write it down somewhere else. The only reason we have done so much was because of the military. Keep going with your list! Just wait till you get to add "daughter/son graduating from college;" "wedding of son/daughter;" "birth of first grandchild." You get the picture. :-)

Mallard said...

Oh gawd you two! You're gonna get me all teary and emotional, the big sook tha I am! lol Thanks!

Dak-Ind said...

what a wonderful thing to do. i just hope my boys get to that age where they care what their mom was like before she was their mom. i think i was 25 before i realized my mom was more than my mom.