Monday, October 17, 2005

Let's see what i can come up with

I really don't have to much to say but let's see what happens here.

Let's start with the beginning of the weekend, Friday was my day off and let me tell you that it was no day off!! As i told Cindy from that a day off to me is working my ass off without getting paid!

It started with dropping the kids off at school, come home and pay some bills. Then run to the pet store and find out the dog food i wanted was on sale and they were out, so i had to drive 4 miles down the road to get a bag at the sale price. Then rush to the grocery store, then home to drop off groceries really fast because i had to go clean my aunt's house by noon. Leave her house by 2 p.m. and run up to a christmas store where i was looking for a fuse for my pumpkin for halloween. (which turned out that it kept blowing a fuse) so garbage city that goes. Then i had to run to the post office for some stamps, that i needed for all the bills that i paid first thing that morning. Then rush to the kids school to pick them up, then straight to the sporting good's store for a bowling glove for Amber.(we are hoping this will improve Amber's bowling.) We had been promising her this glove ever since bowling started. Then on the way home pick up our dinner, pizza, and then managed to squeeze in some bingo! Mom had luck on her side that night.

Saturday i slept my butt in, for a bit. And when i got up i started doing a ton of laundry and cooked a great meal before going to work. Saturday was busy up in the "B" I could not wait to get out.
While speaking about work, November is going to be a huge movie month!! Madagasgar, Star wars, Polar express, Christmas with the cranks, are just a few of the big movies coming next month.

Sunday was bowling day and to be honest not really worth mentioning. We all could not bowl for crap. Amber, because of her glove was the only one that bowled above their average.
The scores was so crappy that i am not even going to post them...shame shame shame.
We were bowling against some pros and we got our butts kicked good!
OH WELL all for fun anyways right?

Today another day off and nothing really got accomplished but i did alot. Mainly taking my mother all over. But hey what else is there to do other than sleep? Heyyyyyyyyyyyy that's an idea! lol

I wouldn't know what to do!

Darin brought home his first progress report and it was really good up until the part about an F in language arts. I can't bitch much because it was all A's and B's in the rest. He hates this class because of all the reading and writing...... Because it's his first offense..... I just said that i was not pleased and that i expected him to up this grade in the next card marking. Even if its a D or a C it's better than an F. I can't expect perfect children, but an F just show's me you did not even try. He promised he will do better.

Well i have rambled on long enough...geesh for someone that had nothing much to say i was able to pull a rabbit out of my hat eh?

Later all..


Monica said...

Girl, you sound just as busy as me! Don't you sometimes feel like you never get a break and you never have time for yourself? I guess that's just part of being a mom. The kids and family come first. Hope you are doing well with your diabetes and the shots. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

Don't even get me started on thinking about the girls growing up and possibly getting pregnant and having grandchildren yet! Geeze! I'm sure you've raised Amber well and she will know right from wrong. She seems like a really good girl. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Woman you stay busy!! By the way did I ever tell you that I also use your blog for my movie rental list?? Heheh!! It really helps when I can't figure out what I want to rent.

cindy said...

Many of my longest posts start with "I really don't have anything to talk about" too. LOL
It's it amazing what we superwomen can fit into a single day!? I have no kids and I'm in awe of how women can raise kids, work and run a household without going on a killing spree once in a while.

Dak-Ind said...

with everything i have to do already if i had to go to work, too, the way you do... i think i would scream. the baby would go hungry adn the husband would have pink socks from doing his own laundry

MrsDoF said...

I'm with the boy on the Language Arts grade.
It seems I love to write on my blog what I want to talk about, but when the Instructor "you have to do it this way and about that subject" my brain freezes and everything jumbles around and comes out all wrong.
I hope he can catch on and play at what the school system expects long enough to graduate.
Hey, isn't this the kid who won a contest for writing an essay for D.A.R.E.?
You keep on him, Mom, he can write just fine when he wants to try!

And thanks for the Well Wishes on my anniversary! I do hope to see something about Yours when the time comes!