Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm a proud momma!!

Jaycee and her man Josh slow dancing towards the end of the evening.

they really do make a cute couple.

I turned around and i saw my boy Darin asking Jaycee for a slow dance... I almost cried...It was his first time asking a girl
to slow dance with him...He's growing up WAY to fast!

Had to take a pic of this

What is it with blogger not letting you write something on the side of a pic? it messes all up and then have to work with it alot to get something right? messed up!!!

anyhoo, i've just embarrassed my boy by putting these pics of him up here...I've done my job... LoL!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


These are pics of the hall that we all worked very hard on.

you see those tables...yeh, i did that... :)
Everything was decorated!!! Windows, walls, doors the works!

i made this poster for Jaycee!

I guess i will type my poem...because who knows when masen will upload it...but as soon i get you all will see it...all my blubbering wonder.


Oh my god the time has flown
It doesn't seem that long ago
That you were once a little girl
That was once my whole wide world

I remember a time when i would pretend you were mine

your mom was nice enough to say that's just fine

but at the end of the day

i would have to give you away
i loved every minute we spent together
sometimes i wished it would last forever

We have been thru alot in eighteen years
and every one of them i will hold dear
i can't imagine you not in my life
it would not be the same, it would cut me like a knife

Your talents are so many
to many to list
failure for you would only make you pissed!
you can dance, you can sing
you can do almost anything

My love for you grows stronger everyday
i can't believe its your graduation day
you have the heart and mind to do what needs to be done
but don't forget to have a little fun!

I am yours
and i know your mine
I will always be your Auntie Slime

I wish you all the best in all you do
i know you'll go far that's all i want for you!

written by a true amateur!!! but it came from the heart :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Where to start

I'm back safe and sound from up North with my friends...I shouldn't say friends, they are like my family. Friday morning we woke up early to do what needed to be done before i made the 3 hour trip up North. We arrived around 12:30pm and it was go, go, go. We started off by looking at tatoos just before our appt. I finally found something that i really fell in love with!

So off to the Hall and we got it all decorated. Then run over to the tattoo place, I went first and it wasn't so bad getting it on the arm. The guy was great, fast, and the place was very clean and he had alot to chose from, but i still loved what you see in these pics...This is my Mom and Dad tribute.

Then it was the graduating girl, Jaycee's turn...she finally found something that she liked...she actually put 2 different tat's together to come up with this one....I think it's beautiful and it really is her!

After the tattoo's it was back to the house to finish the food for the party. We were up until 3:30 in the morning to cook and make picture posters to hang in the hall! It was so beautiful!

My little tattoo partner :) Happy Graduation Jaycee!! I loved every minute we spent together...
Now i know i owe you guys the poem, and i am definitely going to post lots of pics. Someone recorded the poem and as soon as he gets it up on You Tube i will share it with you all. Yes you will see me nervous, yes, i almost cry.
This is just a taste of what happened while i was gone..

Sunday, July 12, 2009


This is my friend Pam. We were best friends when i was like 10 and 11. We were reunited because of Facebook! I had tried to look her up, but with no avail. She found me in the same week that i was was looking for her. We got a good laugh about that. It was good catching up, on the phone and then for her to come to my house was beyond me! Our conversations seem like we picked up right from where we left off. I was happy to find out that she found a special man and married him, his name is Chris, he seems to be very nice! So i have her as a friend and a Bonus by marriage
In other news, i am very excited about going to my Jaycee's graduation party. For some reason I decided to write a poem to read to her at the party. No I am no poet, but for some reason it flowed right out of me. I would share it with you right now, but she reads my blog and don't want to spoil it, i will post it on the 19th or 20th.
Kids are doing great, they are loving summer vacay! Amber cleaned her entire room yesterday and moved it! I mean she took everything out of her room, emptied her closet and cleaned! Rearranged everything and put it all back together! It wasn't that bad because I had cleaned quite of bit of it before she thought of it. I'm proud of her!
Darin is drawing again, as soon as I can get some pics of them i will post them, or if that don't work i will have mom scan them and send them to me. I am so happy my mom's talent of drawing passed onto him. I can't draw a stick figure
Anyway, i'm about to take my ass's a gorgeous day!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


My best friend daughter graduated high school and is having her party on the 18th. I am looking forward to going up and seeing her and the whole family. It seems like just yesterday i was changing her diapers. Buying her frillies (even tho her mom hated that kind of stuff) but who cares...when she was with me..she wore what i wanted her to wear! I'm pretty sure i was the first to buy her a barbie (something else her mom was dead set against also)..but so! She was like a daughter to me...and still is! She calls me mommy every time she talks to me or she calls me Auntie Slime. Why Auntie Slime? Because at toddler age Auntie Caroline was too hard to say, it came out Slime. She was too cute to correct so it stuck! Her mom made sure of that!

I spent alot of time with her the first year of her life. Practically raised her. I have many good memories of her. As she gets older I have seen her grow into a beautiful woman. Not only on the outside, but on the inside. She glows with kindness. She is nothing like her mother. Thank God! lol. Her love of animals, her love of people, the way she can make friends in an instant. She tries to make everyone comfortable. The way when she sees me she wants to be near me, practically still sitting in my lap, wanting to always hug me. I LOVE THIS GIRL with all of my heart!

She has many talents, she has been in many pageants, winning many awards. But this girl can sing, almost makes you want to cry. She has volunteered for everything under the sun. Even when her health is not perfect she does what she can and never gives up!
This is her boyfriend Josh. They seem so happy together and i wish them all the luck in the world. LOVE YA JAYCEE!

Friday, July 03, 2009


Nothing too exciting has been happening around here. I'm too tired to really get into details so i will do short cuts.

-My best friend from like when i was 9 to 10 got ahold of me via facebook. Funny thing she had been looking for me, but i was looking for her also on there. I did not have her married name, but was hoping that maybe she put in her maiden like so many others do. Anyways after chatting on facebook for awhile she called me on the phone and we talked for something like 2 hours non stop! It was great catching up, we found out alot about our past that neither one of us had known. I will write more about her, but like i said i am tired.

-Today while sitting at my neighbors picnic table my son grabbed my husband which made him swing out his arm and my husband's fist caught me in the eye and now i have a shiner! sucks! It was an accident, lucky for both that i knew it was.

-What's everyone's holiday plans? I have to work 6:30 till 3 then afterwards we are going to my neighbors for a bbq! we are having chicken, my neighbor says she is making a special dessert with strawberries. So looking forward to it!

-My husband took the kids to see the Hazel Park fireworks today. I was going to go, but i am way tired and i have to get up at 5:00 am, so i am just about to hit the hay!

So with that...I say goodnight!