Thursday, July 23, 2009


These are pics of the hall that we all worked very hard on.

you see those tables...yeh, i did that... :)
Everything was decorated!!! Windows, walls, doors the works!

i made this poster for Jaycee!

I guess i will type my poem...because who knows when masen will upload it...but as soon i get you all will see it...all my blubbering wonder.


Oh my god the time has flown
It doesn't seem that long ago
That you were once a little girl
That was once my whole wide world

I remember a time when i would pretend you were mine

your mom was nice enough to say that's just fine

but at the end of the day

i would have to give you away
i loved every minute we spent together
sometimes i wished it would last forever

We have been thru alot in eighteen years
and every one of them i will hold dear
i can't imagine you not in my life
it would not be the same, it would cut me like a knife

Your talents are so many
to many to list
failure for you would only make you pissed!
you can dance, you can sing
you can do almost anything

My love for you grows stronger everyday
i can't believe its your graduation day
you have the heart and mind to do what needs to be done
but don't forget to have a little fun!

I am yours
and i know your mine
I will always be your Auntie Slime

I wish you all the best in all you do
i know you'll go far that's all i want for you!

written by a true amateur!!! but it came from the heart :)


momma(mary) said...

Maybe not a pro but the true feeling rings through and that is what is most important. It sounds like it was a wonderful graduation party. You did a lovely job on the decorations. You have a right to be pleased with it all.

Jen said...

Aww, that's sooooooo awesome! I bet she felt so lucky to have you there, at her party and as she was growing up! It's sort of the relationship I'd like to have w/ my nephew that I helped raise. Awesome-looking tattoos, too ;)

FoxyMoron said...

I love that cake! And how lucky Jaycee is to have you in her life, she will treasure that poem forever Caroline.

Colby said...

Well done. I'm sure she was so pleased with what you did. Congrats to you as well. Getting a teenage girl through graduation is a worthy accomplishment.

LiLu said...

Awww, that is SO sweet! And what a great job decorating, it looks like a blast. You are the best :-)

Dak-Ind said...

my gawd, graduating! has it been that long?!?!

congratulations (btw, loved the tatoos!)

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Hugest congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!