Wednesday, July 08, 2009


My best friend daughter graduated high school and is having her party on the 18th. I am looking forward to going up and seeing her and the whole family. It seems like just yesterday i was changing her diapers. Buying her frillies (even tho her mom hated that kind of stuff) but who cares...when she was with me..she wore what i wanted her to wear! I'm pretty sure i was the first to buy her a barbie (something else her mom was dead set against also)..but so! She was like a daughter to me...and still is! She calls me mommy every time she talks to me or she calls me Auntie Slime. Why Auntie Slime? Because at toddler age Auntie Caroline was too hard to say, it came out Slime. She was too cute to correct so it stuck! Her mom made sure of that!

I spent alot of time with her the first year of her life. Practically raised her. I have many good memories of her. As she gets older I have seen her grow into a beautiful woman. Not only on the outside, but on the inside. She glows with kindness. She is nothing like her mother. Thank God! lol. Her love of animals, her love of people, the way she can make friends in an instant. She tries to make everyone comfortable. The way when she sees me she wants to be near me, practically still sitting in my lap, wanting to always hug me. I LOVE THIS GIRL with all of my heart!

She has many talents, she has been in many pageants, winning many awards. But this girl can sing, almost makes you want to cry. She has volunteered for everything under the sun. Even when her health is not perfect she does what she can and never gives up!
This is her boyfriend Josh. They seem so happy together and i wish them all the luck in the world. LOVE YA JAYCEE!


momma(mary) said...

There is always one child that isn't yours but you feel like they are in your lifetime. Jaycee is just as lucky to have you as you are to have her.

gammamoma said...

She IS such a beautiful and talented girl. I only wish her the best in life. She can go far in her attitute and her good heart.
Happy graduation Jaycee!

T said...

What a beautiful post!

Happy graduation to Jaycee.