Sunday, July 12, 2009


This is my friend Pam. We were best friends when i was like 10 and 11. We were reunited because of Facebook! I had tried to look her up, but with no avail. She found me in the same week that i was was looking for her. We got a good laugh about that. It was good catching up, on the phone and then for her to come to my house was beyond me! Our conversations seem like we picked up right from where we left off. I was happy to find out that she found a special man and married him, his name is Chris, he seems to be very nice! So i have her as a friend and a Bonus by marriage
In other news, i am very excited about going to my Jaycee's graduation party. For some reason I decided to write a poem to read to her at the party. No I am no poet, but for some reason it flowed right out of me. I would share it with you right now, but she reads my blog and don't want to spoil it, i will post it on the 19th or 20th.
Kids are doing great, they are loving summer vacay! Amber cleaned her entire room yesterday and moved it! I mean she took everything out of her room, emptied her closet and cleaned! Rearranged everything and put it all back together! It wasn't that bad because I had cleaned quite of bit of it before she thought of it. I'm proud of her!
Darin is drawing again, as soon as I can get some pics of them i will post them, or if that don't work i will have mom scan them and send them to me. I am so happy my mom's talent of drawing passed onto him. I can't draw a stick figure
Anyway, i'm about to take my ass's a gorgeous day!


mylittlebecky said...

that's too cool! i love finding people after being out of touch for so long!

Karmyn R said...

Facebook turns out to be okay sometimes! yeah!

We were totally lazy today - it had a very good excuse!

momma(mary) said...

How lucky to find your old friend again. Too often we lose track of someone and never see them again. I'll bet you two together was like a teenager's pj party!

LiLu said...

Ohhh, so fun!!! What a blast :-)

T said...

That is great that you and your friend have been reunited. I have heard so many people finding old friends lately, so cool.

I have several friends that use facebook and keep asking me to join, I refuse though, I just don't want to be found. :))

Jen said...

Congrats on reuniting! That's soooo awesome to be able to reunite like that, and have things to still talk about and all that jazz.

Ooo, you should scan some of your mom's drawings, too. Or take pictures.

Stacie's Madness said...

i have something for you on my blog.

North said...

Caroline! It is good to "hear your voice" again after all this time...

Who is this? ...Shadowe! - now "North" on Blogspot -

I wanted to reconnect with you and Mal both after my absence. I hope you both are well. I have had a hard time, but I am alive and well. Hope to hear from you both soon.

You can contact me on my new blog (the old blog, renamed and imported, added to as well), there is an email link there.



Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Great Facebook story - thanks :)