Sunday, January 31, 2010

My second crochet project!

My second crochet project...I'm really proud of this hat!! It's exactly like the book!! I love the colors. Now I am getting the hang of this crocheting thing...
Projects that I am going to do:
Amber wants me to make her a afghan
Someone at work is pregnant, so I thought I would try and make a baby blanket
Also I will search for a pattern for dog sweaters for my little Chihuahua's

This should keep me busy for awhile...Gotta get some more yarn!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I was shocked when I stepped on the scale and saw that I am down 14 pounds all together!!!!I'm thrilled...excited! I am the exact weight that I was when I first started working at the hospital.

It's getting easier everyday. But sometimes i want to stray, but this time I am motivated and have lots of support these days...Keeping my mind off of food by crocheting...did I mention that I started to crochet??..I even finished my first project!!! I'm actually quite proud of it.. This is my very first attempt crocheting something that can be used!!!! Thanks mom for showing me how to do it! This is with a brim up
This is with the brim down....I love the colors!!!

I watch alot of You-tube on crocheting, I'm better at visual instructions then reading them!!! I know that in the near future I want to start looming!!! It looks like so much fun!!

Amber wants me to make her a Throw, and someone at work just found out that she is pregnant so I might attempt a baby blanket in my near future! So I got plenty to do to keep my mind off of food!!!

In other daughter got suspended from school friday, she had to miss Monday because she was a bit too mouthy to a teacher, she has had problems with this teacher since the beginning of the year...Thank god she only has one more day with him, then her classes change for the semester!

Darin is in the middle of some exams...I hope he gets his grades up...he thought he would slack off during progress report time...I hope that I talked some sense into him...

Well that's all that's been happening on my end....hope you all have a great week!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


*drum roll*

9 pounds down!!!!! not bad for 13 days worth of dieting!

My blood sugars are fantastic!! It's getting easier to do the dieting. Don't get me wrong, I still want to eat, but I just keep telling myself i can do this!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


On facebook they had a way back throw back week going around..So i posted these pictures on my profile...
I love this picture..I actually remember this day. I remember it so well because of how much i loved the dress i was wearing...I felt so pretty in it. It was a full length dress and my hair was cute, that's why i remember it so well! It's my kindergarten picture...34 years ago!!!

I can't be more than a year and a half in this will have to verify that for me..But many people have looked at this pic and say i look like the gerber baby!
I know what happened to
I'm still dieting, 10 days now, and i think i am doing very well. My sugar this morning was 98..perfect!!! I'm so proud of myself!! I haven't weighed myself lately...I'm going to try and do like a weigh in will give me something to post, and see some least i hope to see some results....still no sweets have passed my pop and i have cut way back on my eating...impressive!!!! I find myself not even eating everything that i put on my plate...another impressive feat!!!!
anywho, I just thought i would share some really cute pics of muah!!
Have a lovely week!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I can do this.

weighed myself last night...*drum roll please*.......8 pounds down!!! Yeh, I know first 10 just falls right off, after that it's going to be hard...But it's a start!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome to my pity party.

In my last post I wrote that i was dieting...I still am...I'm trying really hard, mainly because the doctor told me my sugar is out of control. But mostly because i really need too! I have so many health issues that there is no other alternative.

Health issues that i have:

diabetes-I do take pills and i inject insulin 2 times a day! It started when i got pregnant with my son 3 months into the pregnancy and ended after his birth....Then came back when i got pregnant with my daughter 30 weeks into pregnancy and ended after her birth. About 2 years after her birth I had to start taking pills. Only about the last 3 or 4 years I have had to inject with insulin also. Seems the more weight i have the worse the diabetes gets. So this is one reason for trying to diet.

heart problems-I've had high blood pressure for a very long time, and when i was 33 I had a heart attack in my left anterior descending artery (also known as the widow maker) I waited 4 days to see a doctor with the pains i had then ended up with angioplasty and a stent. They told my husband one more day probably would have killed me. So this is another reason for the diet. I take 4 pills for this condition alone, 3 in the morning and 1 at night!

Thyroid- I take synthroid for this...and as of right now my doctor says is still under control.

Vitamin D- only recently started to take this because I was so darn tired!!! And my levels were very low.

I have so many pains in my body that i live with on a daily basis, I hurt all the time!! My elbows, my fingers, my legs, MY BACK!!, And I deal with this even while I work 8 hours on my feet walking all day. I come home and all i want to do is sit and relax, but that's never the way it is for me...there is always something to do around here, every once in awhile I just let it lay, but that makes it just worse later. If i don't do it, it won't get done is always how i feel, but i know it's not true, all i have to do is ask my husband or kids and they will help....but the trouble is asking!!!
I take on a daily basis 11 pills and 2 insulin shots a day. That's alot for a 39 year old woman to be taking!
My reason for dieting is for my health and the 2 people you see here:

Monday, January 11, 2010

I got to do it!

So if you follow me on facebook you know that i have been dieting. This is day 4, I decided to try and diet because my doctor says that my sugar is way to bad. The first 3 days of dieting I found my sugar has been the best it's ever been. This morning I woke to a discouraging sugar was pretty high...I guess glazed ham is something that i should avoid!

I have cut way back on my eating. No pop, no extra sweets like candy, cake, things like that, no extra nibbling and the big thing, no eating after 7 pm. It's hard...I'm trying to keep busy so that i don't think about eating...I know i'm tired of cleaning!!!

I hope I can keep it up. I'm a grown woman, I should have more will power.

I weighed myself 2 weeks ago and I weighed myself yesterday and it shows a 4 pound's a start.

Let's hope that I can do this...

Monday, January 04, 2010

It's an update...sorta.

New Years was spent working, but i had a wonderful day. Afterward we went to my mothers for a bit of pizza party. Around 10ish everyone was looking pretty tired so we went home, mostly to beat the drunk drivers. Frank, Darin and I walked across the street to our neighbors to watch the ball fall. Darin danced around with the other kids. Pretty uneventful, but safe, all good!

Amber had to see the doctor again today, she is still breaking out with the sores. Doctor gave her 3 more weeks of antibiotics! We shall see what happens this time.

Now back to our scheduled, school, doctors...I need a