Sunday, January 17, 2010


On facebook they had a way back throw back week going around..So i posted these pictures on my profile...
I love this picture..I actually remember this day. I remember it so well because of how much i loved the dress i was wearing...I felt so pretty in it. It was a full length dress and my hair was cute, that's why i remember it so well! It's my kindergarten picture...34 years ago!!!

I can't be more than a year and a half in this will have to verify that for me..But many people have looked at this pic and say i look like the gerber baby!
I know what happened to
I'm still dieting, 10 days now, and i think i am doing very well. My sugar this morning was 98..perfect!!! I'm so proud of myself!! I haven't weighed myself lately...I'm going to try and do like a weigh in will give me something to post, and see some least i hope to see some results....still no sweets have passed my pop and i have cut way back on my eating...impressive!!!! I find myself not even eating everything that i put on my plate...another impressive feat!!!!
anywho, I just thought i would share some really cute pics of muah!!
Have a lovely week!


Cassie said...

Good job on the dieting! You were SUCH a cute kid!

momma/mary said...

What a sweet doll baby you were!

Colby said...

Soooo cute!