Monday, January 04, 2010

It's an update...sorta.

New Years was spent working, but i had a wonderful day. Afterward we went to my mothers for a bit of pizza party. Around 10ish everyone was looking pretty tired so we went home, mostly to beat the drunk drivers. Frank, Darin and I walked across the street to our neighbors to watch the ball fall. Darin danced around with the other kids. Pretty uneventful, but safe, all good!

Amber had to see the doctor again today, she is still breaking out with the sores. Doctor gave her 3 more weeks of antibiotics! We shall see what happens this time.

Now back to our scheduled, school, doctors...I need a


momma/mary said...

Yes we must all return to a normal life (that is we have one) after the holidays. Give my best to Amber--kind of understand how frustrating being ill is.

Dak-Ind said...

i am glad you had a safe and uneventful new years... so did we.

here is wishing a wonderful 2010 to you and yours, i look forward to our continuing blogship in the coming year :)