Monday, January 11, 2010

I got to do it!

So if you follow me on facebook you know that i have been dieting. This is day 4, I decided to try and diet because my doctor says that my sugar is way to bad. The first 3 days of dieting I found my sugar has been the best it's ever been. This morning I woke to a discouraging sugar was pretty high...I guess glazed ham is something that i should avoid!

I have cut way back on my eating. No pop, no extra sweets like candy, cake, things like that, no extra nibbling and the big thing, no eating after 7 pm. It's hard...I'm trying to keep busy so that i don't think about eating...I know i'm tired of cleaning!!!

I hope I can keep it up. I'm a grown woman, I should have more will power.

I weighed myself 2 weeks ago and I weighed myself yesterday and it shows a 4 pound's a start.

Let's hope that I can do this...


Cassie said...

You CAN do it! I know you can!

momma/mary said...

Your project is the most difficult a person can have and the easiest to give up on. Just stay with it. Remember you didn't put all the weight on in a day, or a month, or a year so you can't take it off that easily. Also remember that high sugar leads to diabetes which effects eyes, feet,legs, and eventually your internal organs. Not something you want to try and live with if you don't have to.

Your family will need you for a long time to come so be there.