Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday muddle

Well i know it's been awhile. I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July. I did, it's not very often that i have any holidays off. But i have to be happy that this year the holidays have been falling on a Monday, and i usually don't work Mondays. We just went across the street from our house and had a small bbq and lit some fireworks off. That is until the massive storm came and stopped our little fun. Oh well we saved some fireworks for next year.


This past Saturday was our family reunion and i have to say that it was dissappointing not to see alot of our family there. I guess everyone had other plans. Its hard to say how many people will show up for these things. But there was alot of people that said they were coming and never did.

Anyways Frank brought his boat and found out that the battery went bad, but thankfully his motor pull starts anyways. We went fishing for 2 hours and my daughter caught a little fishie and my husband caught a little fishie and I caught sun poisoning!

By the time we got back i was sick as a dog! All night i kept feeling like i had to vomit. I went across the street and helped put up a tent and then chatted for a bit and i had to excuse myself and go home. I had to make myself throw up to make myself feel better. Does that make any sense? Well i went straight to bed after that. When i got up in the morning I felt like someone hooked up a vacuum cleaner to me and sucked every bit of energy that i had out of me.

I did manage to do a little cleaning around the house with the help of my great son who always takes pity on his mom when she is ill :) . While my husband and daughter stayed asleep. But when they finally dragged their butts out of bed we had to do some light shopping, but by then i was dead to the world. All I wanted was bed. I slept for a few minutes and then off to work. My god every butt head in the world comes in when your not yourself! Everyone had a comment about my face, (it was red as a beet) Yeh, i needed that!

Well finally i did start feeling better around 11 at night, my stomach started to settle down and i was starting to be able to tolerate all the idiots that came in, even the jerks that came in 5 minutes to close. ___________________________________________________________________

I am really hoping that i will be able to come up with the money to go to New Jersey in August. But if its not possible then its not possible, i have to worry about school clothes and we want to do a camping trip before the kids go back and all kinds of things. Then can you believe that i am already worried about Christmas shopping. Things usually fall into place but i have to wait and see.

Well i have rambled on long enough...hope all is well with everyone.


Monica said...

Glad to see you back! I was starting to worry about you.

I feel really bad for you getting sun poisoning! I can only imagine how bad you felt. Too bad you couldn't have taken the next day off and just rested. Like when does that ever happen for a working (or SAHM) mom, right?!?!

Hope your feeling better!

MrsDoF said...

My grandma called it sun sickness. I haven't had it for years, but I remember the feeling of Needing to throw up, and being weak and woozy.
Glad you are feeling better in spite of having to work with nutzos until all hours.

Money for trips is always worthwhile. The memories outlast the money, so I hope you can scrounge for travel.