Thursday, June 30, 2005


We'll see what i can come up with today.
Not a whole lot has been happening. I can tell you that the fights have now begun. I was betting another week before that was going to happen. Darin and Amber could not give me another week of peice. The "he's touching me" "she's looking at me" etc etc etc. You can see where i am going with

I think my kids are becoming fish don't think there has been a day yet that they have not been swimming. Between my mother's pool and the neighbors pool they have become very aquatic.

Today my daughter thought it would be cute to dress the chihauhau's up in cute baby clothes from the dolls that she has. I admit i thought it was cute too, till she done it for the 4th time and the "boys"(the dogs) were looking at me like "ok...this is enough" lol
She even dressed up the dog that is huge in her very own clothes, a skirt and top. " Mini" was not having it! She sure puts up with alot. Thank god she is good natured.

My son Darin has really been a comedian lately! He cracks me up with his one liners and little digs. God i am proud! The other day he told his sister after a few little battles "Your ears are so big, elephants use them as shade!" I about died! I couldn't breathe i was laughing so hard. Of course Ambers ears are not that big...But for him to just make that up on the spot was great!
Now he has changed it a bit " your ears are so big, Nasa uses them as radar" He kills


Today was a meeting at another store, we spent 2 hours in this small room all for them to say that we are going to start training our new employees in our own store! I don't know why they didn't do that in the first place, it never made sense to me. But, who the hell am i to tell them they are screwed Oh and we got to build a airplane out of paper. Once with instructions and no help, we only got just a few minutes. Mind you that we got 2 sets of instructions and we all wanted to read them. Then we did it all together, reading and she showed us how it was supposed to be. I guess it was suppose to show us that when training if we show and then guide them, they would be successful employees.

This is great and i fully respect it! Buttttttttttttttttt.....When i started i was shown nearly shit! Read nothing! And was given a store to operate by myself on the 6th day i was there. Mind you that i only worked 2 days in a week. Never working at a Blockbuster in my life! It was sink or swim baby for me. And i have taught or figured out almost everything by myself!

Other than that it was ok. We were able to leave in plenty of time to watch the Detroit fireworks on t.v. , which were very amazing! I loved the fireworks that shot up and blew up into the shape of hearts..(those that know me, know that i absolutely am a heart fanatic)
I really don't have any reason why i love them so much, but its been that way since i was very young!

Well i started off with nothing to say, and look what Nighty night ya'll!

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Monica said...

Hope you guys had a safe and Happy 4th!