Thursday, June 09, 2005

Glad it's over

Today was my birthday, I don't feel any older or wiser or like it's any big deal. I will tell ya how i do feel....BROKE! God i hate this feeling. I woke up to my cable being shut off. I had to pay them to turn it back on...there went some of the vacation money that i put aside. Hopefully i will be able to put it back.

Things went pretty good at work. Yes, i did work on my birthday. I don't really care about working on my birthday. I walked in to work today and went to the back room and punched in on the time clock and by the time that i went up front to start my shift the employees all had Happy Birthday hats on and they bought us some cupcakes to eat. One of my employees named Warren actually baked me some chocolate chip cookies and brought them up to work for me. I thought that was very nice for a young man to do that.

Yesterday i had to call the police on 3 juveniles in my store stealing yu-gi-oh cards. The thing that suprised me is that they were not even frightened about it. They were not afraid of being caught, the cops, and i don't think they were afraid of the parents either. It's really sad...i swear the kids were only 9 and 10 years old. They live in the apartments that are across a major road from us. I don't even let my 9 and 10 year old cross the street without adult supervision in some way much less a busy road.

All in all i had a good day..

And to those that wished me a happy birthday.. i Thank You very much..

Now to get some shut eye...i can't stay awake.


gammamoma said...

Dad was shocked you surprised him with so many presents for his too! He REALLY didn't expect it.

Anonymous said...

And you said that your birthday was just another day!!!!!!!!! It sounds like a day you'll never forget. lol

MrsDoF said...

Happy Birthday! and many more to come and may they all be happy!
There does come a time (at about age 12) when working on your birthday isn't such a big deal.

The ones of my own that I remember were age 13 because we were on vacation in Wisconsin, age 18 because I was tossed into the swimming pool with my clothes on at camp, age 20 because a really cute guy gave me a "happy day" kiss in the back room, age 24 because I had my firstborn- month-old son lying across my knees when I got the picture taken for my driver's license.
Ever since then, times run together in memory.
I would especially remember if I had to call the police for any reason on my own birthday. Let's hope you don't have to do that again.

Bianca said...

Happy belated birthday sweet Caroline!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthdaft to you!
happy birthdaft to you!
Hippy birthdaft, dear Caroline,
Hippy birthdaft to youuuuu!

Lots of hugs and happy thoughts

Mal :o)

MrsDoF said...

Hello? Hello!? anybody writing this week?