Monday, June 20, 2005

Kids are out of school

Let's see how long it takes for me to say that i am going insane with my children! I'm going to try to work with my daughter on her math skills over the summer. This is one of the grades she had the most trouble with. My son got mostly A's and B's! yehhhhhhhhhhh i will never complain about that! My daughter got B's and C's...still acceptable as long as i know that you tried really hard! I only told them that i had never had D's and F's and i expect them to do the same! To me that's just plain not trying at all!

Darin is a little scared of going to Junior High..very understandable...he will be looking at all kinds of different teachers and kids, and then we you get used to it they switch it up on you all over again. I know what he is going thru, but he makes friends fast and is very easy going.



I watched "Coach Carter"...i tell ya that i am no sports fan at all but for a movie all about basketbal and teaching kids..i give it 2 thumbs up..a very good film and i recommend it to everyone!
I also watched "Miss Congeniality 2" this was very funny and also scores 2 thumbs up..
"Hostage"! is a very good suspense movie and of course Bruce Willis plays the heck out of his part. A must see film
Tarzan 2 has already came out but i did not get to tell you if i like it or
This was a very cute film for the younger children. And George Carlan's voice as a monkey was a nice touch. Has a great moral for the story and if you pay attention to it you will get it.


Mom is getting back to normal...well as normal as can be Not that she was "normal" before everything..lmao. know i am just playing.hehe.
She was walking around the stores last week better than i was! But truth is i walk around stores much better with cash that i can spend with me. When i walk the stores with no money ...i really don't want to

I want to get started on the porch..still a big hole there...i told my husband that the faster he digs and frames the thing the faster i will work on cement for the thing. My front yard looks nice on one side and then there is this big gapping hole on the other.

There is still so much that i want to get done...and due time i know it will get done.

Saturday we all went to what they call the "Gratiot Cruise" ...this is where every year that all the classic cars go cruising down a very busy street or park along all the business' so that people can walk up and down the street and look at all the beautiful cars. We walked 2 miles of this stretch and then ended up at the fair that was taking place. The kids got wrist bands and rode all the rides as many times as they could stand. I had to leave just then, but from what i heard my daughter rode the "scrambler" 17 times! I heard that the neighbor kid almost vomited from the strawberry ride that you can spin and spin. Apparently my husband was a major factor in was the one that was doing the spinning. Poor kid!

Well i think i have rambled on enough...time for bed!

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Monica said...

I can't believe your son will be going to JR High next year. I bet you are really proud he is making such good grades. I worry about when Skyler and Chase start school. I barely have time to feed and bath them in the evenings now. How the heck am I going to have time to do homework every night? How do you do it and work to?

I have Coach Carter and Miss Cong. 2 on my Netflix list. Glad to hear you liked them. Can't wait to see them myself. That is if we ever have time to sit down and watch another movie together soon. :-)

Glad to hear your mom is doing better. I wish her the best.

Take care!