Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thanks Mal :)

My friend Mal has tagged everyone to do this quiz...So i hope to see your answers on a post soon.

3 names you go by- Mom, Caroline, Aunty Slime

3 screen names you have-heartsforever, heartsforever70, yets

3 physical things you like about yourself-eyes, hair, lips

3 physical things you dislike about yourself-body!, feet, hands

3 parts of your heritage- french canadian, italian, polish

3 things your wearing right now-shirt, shorts, undies

3 favorite bands/musical artists- usher, nelly, reba

3 favorite songs- hollerback girl, yeah, get low

3 things you want in a relationship- it does help! humor, attention

3 physical things about the preferred sex appeals to you- hair, smile, chest

3 favorite hobbies- i like to read about paranormal stuff, other that that...can't think of any

3 things that you want to do badly right now- go on a cruise, go to florida-go shopping!

3 things that scare you-guns, being jobless, the thought of losing my kids

3 of your everyday essentials- food, clothing, water

3 careers that you considered or are considering- work in a office, work with babies, can't think of anything else.

3 places you would like to vacation- hawaii, florida, california

3 names you like-sela, tiffany, kyle

3 things you want to do before you die-take a cruise, see the grand canyon in person, see my kids get married

3 celeb crushes- The Rock, Tom Cruise, Jeane Claude VanDam

3 people that you would like to take this quiz-Like Mal....everyone that i read :)


MrsDoF said...

My celebrity crushes would be Paul Newman (the blue eyes are soooo dreamy), Harrison Ford (because he was a working carpenter before he became a movie star), and Jimmy Carter (a carpenter currently at Habitat for Humanity Houses)

I'm not going to mention any other names I have been called before....

Bianca said...

Auntie Slime?? LOL- Where did that come from girlie??

Monica said...

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Caroline!!! Hope it's an enjoyable one. I'll also be 35 on the 22nd.

You and your husband have GOT to do a cruise! You will LOVE it!! We are going on another cruise in November, cruising the brand new Carnival Liberty. You guys should join us! It would be great to have someone on board we know. I can email you some info if you would like. Cruises are more affordable than most people think.

Anyway, hope you have a great day. I would have emailed you a Happy B-Day, but I don't have your email!! Take care girl!