Tuesday, June 28, 2005

just babble..

Since i really did not have a start to this i guess i will start with a few movie reviews..

I watched "The Pacifier"..this i really thought it was funny! Vin D. plays a Navy guy that ends up watching over a family of kids. This was truely a funny movie.

My second movie was "Diary of a mad black woman" This was a pretty good drama, certainly worth a hour and a half of my time. There was some sad moments, funny moments, but a good all around drama. This is about a woman that her husband had an affair and the woman had 2 kids and one day decides the wife has to go and the tramp and kids are going to move in. He basically had all the wifes things packed and in a u-haul and kicked her out. She gets her revenge on him and ends up nice in the ending. All i can say is the guy that is playing the Grandmother was funny as all get out!


I've been trying to motivate myself to get started on the math skills with my daughter and i think i will start tomorrow...i gave them a break enough, time to start! It will also help my son with memorizing and maybe get him faster at it while i am doing it.

I just finished reading Sylvia Browne's book Secrets and Mysteries, I read the whole thing in just a few days and with only a couple hours here and there with it. I find her very interesting, and her views on everything very informative. She writes about alot of aliens and alot about Jesus in this book. Some of what she talks about explains alot and makes perfect sense.


You know the other day at work must have been baby day, first i went to a baby shower and lord their was at least 3 babies ..all cousins sitting around me. Then there was about a billion come into work...I miss the baby and toddler phase. Not that i want anymore! I'm afraid that i will have another Amber and then their would probably be blood shed...lol.. Actually Amber is known to be the nuturer...She would probably take over the babies whole life..lol

I can't have anymore...But i sure wish i had access to one that i can give back once i was over it..lol

Well i think i will end here...gotta rest..bye


gammamoma said...

Caroline, BE CAREFUL what you wish for,..... Remember it happened once......It could happen again...... WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT! LMAO! yeah, babies are so cute, but also a lot of work. Let the younger ones enjoy the experience. HA HA!

MrsDoF said...

It seemed like the hormones got in the way of enjoying my babies. Time took over too fast.
When my sons got so big, I took a job in a daycare center and loved being with all the babies all the time. Corporate care is not the same as loving my own, though.

Monica said...

Babies are so much work! I'm sure you remember that. I know I am going to miss it when they are pre-teens and, God forbid, teenagers. But I do kind of look forward to the day where the kids are a bit more "self sufficient."

Just think many, many, MANY years from now(well hopefully anyway) you may be a grandmother! Don't all grandmothers say that they enjoy their grandbabies more than they did their own kids!?! That's what my mom says anyway!