Thursday, June 16, 2005


There is so much i want to talk about, but i don't want to bore anyone either. But here it goes.

Firstly, my son Darin is graduating the 5th grade in just a few short hours. He will be going to junior high. (my next line is) How fast they grow up. Looking at pics and watching videos of the kids remind me that they were little at one time. I loved watching Darin put socks on his fists as if they were boxing gloves and act like he was Muhammed Ali and say to his dad "wanna fight". Those were the days. Or Amber coming to me with her coloring books and crayons saying "mom will you color with me?". Now they want to be left alone and they have other friends and interests in mind.

They both are precious and i don't know what i would do without them both. And they know there is nothing that i won't do to make them as happy as i can.


Now how about that Michael Jackson thing?..I cannot believe that he got off every single count! And you don't know if the children are lying. I admit that back in my teens i liked Michael's music alot and admired all that he did for kids back then and even for the kids today. But i have to say that even after the first allegations of molestation, as a parent i would never have left my child alone with him even for a second. I would have a watchful eye at all times. I would like to believe that he is innocent and if he isn't i hope that their will be no more victims. If they are not true, if i were Michael, I would lock myself in the house and give up on having anything to do with kids.

I've been really busy with my house lately, On Monday I went outside and pulled grass and weeds out of all my cracks in the cement in my driveway. It had been bothering me for some time now, but the weather had been so hot that it would have baked me to the cement.

We also started digging up the spot for the porch i'm going to make as soon as i can get some money for the cement. Frank and I would really love to put a couple chairs out front and watch our kids playing.

I hung a picture that my mother got for my son for graduating. It's really beautiful, it looks like a white tiger getting ready to pounce on something, since Darin's room is designed in white tiger, it looks very nice next to the shelf.

I cleaned several animal cages today. They needed some upkeep

Well i really wanted to talk about some other things but i'm falling asleep at the keyboard...i will write more later


gammamoma said...

Correction: Darin used to wear his socks on his fists to fight with Frank. And then, when he pulled his Dad to the floor by the hair, remember how he laid his body across Frank and slapped the floor for a One, Two, Three count like the Professional wrestlers did on TV? We must have watched too much wrestling on TV back then.LOL! AW! Memories!

MrsDoF said...

You just reminded that the weeds in the cracks of the sidewalk have been bothering me. Maybe tomorrow because I don't have class and I can get out there in the morning before it gets hot.

A porch is nice. Our cats love snoozing on the railing. Here's hoping yours get built sooner than soon.

Monica said...

Girl it is much too hot out here lately to be working on your driveway. Your much more dedicated than we are. Our poor yard looks like a hay field.

I know what you mean about the kids growing up. Mine are still little, but when I look at Skyler and think, "Man she isn't a baby anymore." It makes me just want to cry! They will be grown and adults before you know it. You try and enjoy the time you have with them because they grow up so fast...

Take care!

Mallard said...

My eldest is no longer "Mr Boy", as he used to be nicknamed by us - he'll be 12 in 6-ish weeks! He's a big tall lad too... I'm 5'10" - and he's already as tall as my ears! Ack! yes, it goes by too fast.

A long time ago, you asked me: "Hey Mal, I know this may sound stupid but i don't know what (pmsl) means...I know its gotta be something like lmao or lol or something like that i know its laughing." I only stumbled across this message today - i must have missed it! Sorry! "PMSL' simply means 'peeing myself laughing'!

Mal :o)

cindy said...

Any grass in the sidewalk can have a long life as far as I'm concerned. I told my husband when we got married I don't do yard work and I don't cook unless I want to. That was almost nine years ago!
Good luck with the porch. There are times I'd like to have a big one myself!