Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for my mother. I'm happy to report that she was able to come home the next day. She is dealing with alot of pain expectedly. They had to cut her from the top of her right ear in the front, to the bottom of the ear and then all the way around her ear to the top of the back and down her neck to almost the middle of her throat. Then basically fold her face over and extract the tumor that was wrapped around a major nerve.

The doctor came out and said that the tumor was bigger than he had expected and wrapped around the nerve, but he was confident that he did not disturb the nerve. Mom had read up on some operations of this sorts that had gone bad. One guy could not close his eye to blink or sleep. Another had problems with her mouth. So many things could have happened but didn't and i am thankful! They pulled out the drainage tube on Friday and she said that was not too bad.

Thankfully i did not have to work today, and the kids had no school, so i enjoyed sleeping in!
My wonderful neighbors invited us to a BBQ! Any time that i don't have to cook is a bonus!
There was alot of people there, alot of them left very drunk after playing 2 hands of this drinking game. You use a deck of cards and for each card you had to do something different. All i know is you don't want the 8's if you got that, you had to spin in a circle 8 times while drinking. Trust me...This is not easy for one...and someone is going to the ground! Jack's you were able to make a rule, Kings you poured some of your drink in a cup in the center of the table, If you pulled all four of the kings the last king has to drink the cup in the center and the game is done. 2's and 3's and 4's you had to take that many sips. one card you had to make a subject up (example: names of cars) everyone had to say a car name right away...any stubbling you had to drink. Another card you had to rhyme words, again if someone stubbles in the least they drank. So if you want to get drunk....This game will do that!
Another card was called the waterfall(example: everyone at the table had to drink till the person that pulled the card stopped drinking) Another card was the mini waterfall(the person that pulled the card and one other person of the choosing had to drink till the person quits)

I could get the actual cards and what goes on if someone is actually interested in this game.

Only watched 2 movies last week
"Be Cool" ...This is the sequel to Get Shorty....It's always nice to see John Travolta perform. This movie was worth a hour and a half of my time. "The Rock" from wrestling had a part in this film that i found hilarious.

Then i watched a movie called "Submerged" with Steven Seagal in it...I can tell ya that this movie did not thrill me at all! Don't waste your money on this!

My birthday is coming June 8th and i will be 35! God i can remember when i was like 10 saying i don't want to live to be was way to old! Not only do i turn 35 on this day but my dad turns 58! Yep...i was my daddy's birthday present 35 years ago.... I bet back then he was asking for a

My son will be 11 in August and Semptember my daughter will be 10! Time flies! I still can't get it over it! I was looking at baby pictures and videos a few days ago, you forget that they were like that once. I love talking about what my kids did when they were little. I know i used love when my mother told me all the cute things that i did when i was younger. Now we have video recorders and i can show my kids what they did at a certain age. Ahhhh Technology!

Well...i'm getting kinda tired ...



cindy said...

Glad to hear your Mom came home the next day! I guess in her case pain is a good thing, pain equals nerve function.

Eight days until your birthday! What is your wish? What would you like to do?

Mallard said...

Glad ur mum is home again - I just read her story in her blog! Gosh!

I, too, recently got out a video of my boys when they were babies etc. Doesn't the time just fly by? Were they ever really that small? hahahaa.

Mal :o)

MrsDoF said...

Glad to know your mother is doing alright. I can uncross my fingers now.
I was thinking that you seem to watch so many movies....then I remembered that you _are_ a video store manager!
What with all my weblog readings on this screen, I don't sit in front of the TV anymore.
Since JUDGING AMY is done, I don't much care what else is going.