Monday, May 09, 2005

It's not about

I think i will start with some movies.
"National Treasure" is the best movie out there!!!!! Full of excitement and very educational.
"Racing Stripes" was not only good for kids but i know some adults that really got a kick out of this moive. The parts that really make the movie are the 2 flys, one has the voice of David Spade. Anyone that has kids will love this movie and also get a kick out of it.
"Assualt on Precinct 13" lets put this as a 5 on the entertainment meter.


My son went to the dentist last Monday and for some reason his cheek swelled enormously and to the point that his face bruised! I quickly took him back to the dentist and he said that he has never seen this in the 30 years he has been a dentist...he had a reaction...not exactly an allergic reaction but a reaction. Today he went to get some more done...thankfully he has not swelled up! My son said that all his teachers asked what happened to his face. I really think that they think that i beat my child.

My husband stupidly put his phone in his pants pocket and threw the pants near the hamper, so i picked them up and i washed them. Needless to say that it got washed and dryed and no longer works. So today i stopped by the local T Mobile and got an upgrade on my phone and hubby has gotten my old's already gone thru 2 phones compared to my

My mother and i went to the doctors today, Since mom will probably update you on her current condition i will just talk about my

Well i went in just to get some routine tests for starters...but the night before i ended up chasing a shoplifter out of the store and ended up hurting my foot big time! So while i was there he took an x-ray of my foot because this was the second time i had done it. I am now the proud mom of 2 huge heal spurs! One on the back of the heal and one right in the middle of the bottom of my heal. They are both shaped like daggers and he said that when i run the pressure of the heal spurs are cutting the tissue in my foot, therefore the pain!! To top it off and i quote the doc "These are the biggest, beautiful, heal spurs i have ever seen!" This doctor has been seeing me since i was 16 and i am almost 35 years old now, and i am sure that he was in practice long before that! So for him to say that makes me believe that my heal spurs are really, really, bad!

Well on a lighter note....I finally got up the guts to ask about shrinking my stomach, he had brought it up a couple times because of my medical history. So today i asked about it. Right now it stands that i have to call my insurance and see if they will cover such a surgery. My doctor says that they might because of all my medical background. I talked to the nurse at the office that does the surgery and she says i certainly qualify. She had asked what problems i have had because of my weight and i just said "heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, back problems, foot problems, all this and only 35 years old(almost)".
I told my husband about the surgery and i asked him what he would do with a skinny wife....he answered the same thing i do with a large I'm not asking a whole lot...a size 18 would make my life grand! a 16 would make life perfect!

Well i will keep ya posted on this one....with my luck i am only wishful thinking... later


MrsDoF said...

Yee-ouch! Foot pain is no picnic.
When I worked in a cafeteria on concrete floors, my feet protested with some kind of nerve and tendon rebellion. I had to do exercises with my feet dangling free, and get an arch support insert for my shoes. Grandma shoes, my sons called them.
But I managed to get through it without surgery, and with good medical advice, and understanding co-workers when I had to sit down for a couple minutes.
Sounds like you need about a year's vacation to take care of yourself. Alas, the wolf at the door couldn't allow that...

cindy said...

My insurance turned me down flat. Said I might be fat, but I'm not unhealthy. But hey I wish you the best of luck!

Bianca said...

Are you thinking about gastric bypass? I think you'll probably qualify if your BMI is around 39-40%. Maybe even less considering your previous medical problems. Expect them to give you a yes, but they'll probably try to put you on some diet and exercise program first. Once that doesn't work you'll be in. Good luck with that. I've had quite a few friends who have done it, and it's not as scary as it sounds. It's just hard to get used to eating such tiny portions and absolutely no sugar or it will cause dumping. *fingers crossed* for you Caroline.