Friday, May 13, 2005

Is someone trying to tell me something..

Honestly in one day i got a phone call offering me a job out in Utica. I thought about calling it but its to far to drive and it turns out it was not from a friend of mine..but i don't understand why someone called me saying they were interested in meeting me for a job at their company. I've not been looking for a job at the moment. But anyways...while at work i was speaking to my co worker and another gentleman said that he was looking for secretary...I kinda blew it off...but i'm wondering if someone is trying to lay a hint on


Well its official....the insurance company denied my surgery! Looks like it's better to keep me obese with all the health issues that go with it. Well let them pay for my next heart attack (if i survive it) and let them pay for all the labratory work that needs to be done with having diabetes and thyroid problems...And oh let them pay for the surgery that i may need for my foot that i suffer in pain with on a daily basis. I wish i could lose the weight myself...but my will power is gone...I have been up and down the scale so many times i can't count.


12 more days and mom goes into surgery on the tumor on her face..The closer it gets the more worried i am. I have confidence on the's the same doctor that did my daughters tonsils. This surgery is more complex and from what mom tells me it could have many problems if they are not careful.


I watched "The Aviator" the other day and i found it very interesting....i really never knew much about Howard Hughes other than he was rich. Now i know that he was not wrapped to tight. He had many issues.
Tonight i watched "Son of the Mask"...this is a pretty entertaining movie. The kids really got a kick out of this movie. It's not the greatest..but it really beats "Life Aquatic" hands down...that movie sucked!!!!

Oh well...i'm getting tired and i have to get up early for work...Have a great weekend..I have to celebrate my husband turning 39 on Sunday. :P


MrsDoF said...

My aunt had the stomach bypass and it didn't do all that much for her. In order to get meat protein she buys the little bitty baby food jars.
She lives in the same town as my third sister, who does the go-fer thing for auntie. Sis says that aunt is still the same old whiney pain in the butt and why did she think a major operation on her body would fix the problem that is mainly in her attitude?
You can't give up yet. Find some kind of exercise to do, then stick with it. Building up some muscles and a positive outlook brings many benefits, although I must admit I'm still learning to do this myself.

cindy said...

Having been turned down by my insurance company for the surgery I know it sucks. Keep a stiff upper lip.
I'll pray for your mom and a successful surgery.

Monica said...


Sorry I haven't visited for awhile. I didn't realize your mom was going into the hospital again. Hope she does okay.

Don't insurance companies just pi-- you off! It's like they dictate what you need and don't need, not your doctor anymore. And then it makes you feel even worse because you are the one who is paying those hefty premiums every month. I wish you luck, I'm in the same boat with you when it comes to weight. The good news for me is I've actually lost about 20 pounds over the last few weeks with all of the problems I've been having with Jonathan. But that isn't a healthy way to lose weight! Your in my thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry they denied you Caroline. Damn dickweeds! Maybe you can go higher because it sure sounds like you do qualify for that surgery. Don't let it go! It's your health we're talking about here, and I want to be reading this blog for at least the next 40 years. (((HUGS)))~Bianca