Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I Can't believe it!

My daughter Amber is a woman today at the age of 9 years old! I knew that she was developing alot, but i never knew that it would be this soon. I was at work when i was told i had a phone call it was an emergency, my husband. He says "May wants to talk to you", she gets on the phone and says "don't panic, but your daughter has started". All i could say is "are you kidding me?"
Luckily she has a teenage daughter that loaned her what she needed till i could get some.
I had to share this because i am in shock!! When i got home I hugged her, kissed her and asked her if she had any questions, any pains, she simply replied "no mom, i watched you and you told me what i would have to do". I had been telling her things all along and what to watch out for. I guess i get the mom gold star :)

Here's my little lady :)

She's giving a cheesy smile

I apoligize to the men that read this, but to the women i think you can understand :)


gammamoma said...

You shouldn't be too surprized, she had all the signs that your baby girl was growing up, and little girls are growing up faster each generation. Now you have to help her to grow up with a thorough knowledge of what that means. Good luck with that!
Amber, our little lady, I love you!

MrsDoF said...

Wow! That's all I should say, really.
My best friend started when we were age 10, that was young then. She seemed to have cramps worse than most, though.
I was the summer after my 13th birthday, and that seemed about right.

Good for you, teaching and showing all along. So much better than a big surprise for her.

I like the book THE RED TENT by Anita Diamant. Maybe a bit much history and fiction for a 9 year old though.

Mallard said...

Oh wow - at nine?! That's precious! Scary - but precious! Growing up waaaaaay too fasy for mum, I bet!

As a dad of three boys, I know my eldest has an appreciation of what girls begin to go thru around his age, emotionally as well as physically. he's a sensitive young bloke, but - he's still a 12-yo boy!

Congratulations to Amber on this special coming-of-age event.

Mal :)

Mallard said...

OK, her latest pic just downloaded... now I begin to realise why she is... uh... blossoming at her age - she seems quite a mature young lady already for her years. :) Good for her.

Anonymous said...

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Darrell said...

Don't apoligize to me. I am a single father of a teenage girl who started at 10 years old.
I'm glad you had her ready because mine was not. You should be proud of yourself... Good Job Mom.

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Anonymous said...

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Monica said...

I can't believe she started already!! At 9!!! Geeze, that just sends chills up my spine. Skyler is 4, so another 5 years and... .Yikes! Glad she knew what was coming and was prepared for it. Girls just grow up too fast these days! I will tell you one thing, girlfriend does not LOOK 9. She looks at least 13 or 14. And that is even scarier! She is a beautiful girl. Your going to have to keep an eye on the boys around her! Take care!

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