Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Still trying to calm down.

When i got home from work on Sunday I decided to relax in my daughters room and watch some tv. Well after a few minutes i heard some noises coming from a spot that there should be no noises. (because their were no animals or anything there) So a couple minutes later i hear some more noises and i look and this time i see something white climbing around in my daughters tote that has 2 drawers in it. First i thought it was my daughters mouse she has, I look at the cage...no...no...its not that. So i see this white thing climbing around. This time i got a better look...OH MY GOD! My daughter took the rat that was meant for the snake to eat and hid it there.

I took the rat and put it where it belonged, so then i think 'where is all the stuff that was in this case?' I had to put one of her bracelets away in her jewelry box and i get that answer...Their was stuff in there and in her toy box. So i start cleaning out her toy box, i pulled out a garbage bag full of paper clippings that she hid. I found alot of things in there that i was not happy about. Clothes that no longer fit her was in there, doesn't sound bad till i tell you that she took scissors to them and hacked them all up and threw it in there. She also had been missing socks, i wondered where in the heck they were. Yep, in the toy box with all the toes cut out of them. I cleaned up her jewelry box put all her lego's and plastic animals back where they needed to go.

You would think that would be enough to end her life as we know it. UNTIL I looked under her bed and found one of her skorts full of nailpolish all over them. Just as i write something nice about my kids just a few short post's ago, i just jinxed myself.

I was very upset with her by that point, not only for what she had done, but that it took me until 5 in the morning to clean that mess up. I looked at her closet, but i was not brave enough to tackle it. I made her take everything out and clean it out herself this morning. I gave her an A and now her room is spic and span.

I had been waiting to do all that in her room when she went back to school, to not have any arguements. But I could not take the mess any longer. I try to give them their space, responsiblitly of cleaning their own mess, but when it starts to annoy me i have to do it!
Anybody have any kids room horror stories like mine?


Mallard said...

Oh my GAWD!!! lol

Mallard said...

Thank you for your lovely comment:
"Your boys need you! You need to fight!
I pray that you find the strength to carry on." Last nite twas not a night I'll enjoy emembering about, but feeling brighter today ty. :)