Monday, September 05, 2005

The kids finally have school in the morning...woohoo

Mom took some pics of the kids recently and i thought they were some nice ones

Isn't she cute? She wants her bangs to get as long as the back of her hair.

This is my little man that stands almost as tall as i am. Today i was watching him play with the neighborhood teenagers about 13 and 14 and he stood as tall as them.

Now, any suggestions on punishing a boy that is bigger than you? lol

Can't wait for the kids to start full days of school! Peace and quiet at last! Lately they have been fighting like cats and dogs.

Today i ended up shaving half the boys in my neighborhood heads for the first day of school. Don't ask me how i got that job. I don't remember putting out the barbershop pole. hmmm I didn't get paid for it either. (see sucker, caroline) Anyways i guess its ok because i had to do my husband and Darin anyway. As long as i don't have to clean up afterwards...all is good.

What did everyone do for Labor day? We all went over my mothers and fathers for Labor Day and ordered some really good pizza and sat and chit chatted about some things. I am broke so i kinda blew the original plans for us. I know...I suck! That and thinking about how crowded the popular parks would be today made me decide just to hang around the houses.

After that we were also invited to a bbq at the neighbors. But i really was not hungry by then so i just nibbled a bit. Then just before dark i became Caroline the barber. The kids came home and then they showered and are pouting about waking up early for their first few hours of school.

This Sunday we are signing up for family bowling again. This time i will be bowling also...Can't ya just wait to hear how bad we are

Well...I am off to bed also...why? I have to get up for


gammamoma said...

LOL! About punishing a boy that is bigger than you, all you have to do it take away his gameboy and the rest of his games, and you will have a VERY obedient boy! YOU KNOW THAT! He'd rather be good than loose those games! As far as Amber, who knows! LOL!

MrsDoF said...

Youngest son HATES to clean anything wet. Punishment was to scrub and rinse the shower.
Middle son hardly ever did anything wrong, so there wasn't need for coming down heavy. No, Really. Give him a good reason, a chore, a curfew, he was fine. Doesn't get ruffled easily, just like his dad.
With oldest, took away favorite TV shows. No TV for him was hard for the whole family, especially if he had to be in his room while we watched.
Gameboys were just beginning when my sons were that age, but if your boy is into them, like Gammamom says, oh the punishment of doing without!

cindy said...

My husband and I bowled last fall and loved it. As the worst bowler on the whole league I thought I was be so embaressed all the time, but people were so cool. Our team name was WETYO (what ever turns you on) because nobody really cared what we called ourselves.
With my nephew I threaten to hug him in public and that works well, but he's 17.

Mallard said...

You've got some great children there - wonderful to see you so proud of them. My eldest son is 12, and he's upto my ear already... he's gonna be a big boy too in a few more years, so *I hear you* when it comes to kid's sizes and socialization stuff! lol

Barber? Hairdresser? Gees, I'm not familiar with those terms... lol I cut my own ends, and I haven't been to a hairdresser since about 1988 - seriously! hahahaa.

Enjoy school, mum :)