Friday, November 11, 2005

I don't have to kill them Yeh!

Kids just got their report cards and i am happy to say that they get to live another
Darin made the honor roll with 3 A's 2 B's and one C this is brought up from an F! I could not be more happier. Amber is doing well in 4th grade, i was shocked at the amount of books she has been reading in school and testing for. Baby girl got 3 B's and 2 C's, I can't ask for better! Talking to her teacher, her teacher said "Amber is really shy" I ABOUT FREAKED! AMBER SHY??????? WHAT THE! I told him to come to my house and meet the true Amber! lol But in a way i have to look at it this way, I'm happy that my kids are behaving when i am not around them all time. Things that happen now i can handle. But in a way i have to look at it this way, I'm happy that my kids are behaving when i am not around them all time. Things that happen now i can handle ...i'm really worried about all the teenage problems that await me.


Well in honor of Thanksgiving that is just a couple of weeks away, i thought i would start another list...a list of things I am thankful for!

1. My kids- Everything thing that they do for me

2. My husband- He is everything that i need and more...The little things that he does really count. wether it be just saying i love you over the phone or doing a sink full of dishes when they need to done.

3. My family-For a Mom and a Dad that helps when they can! A mom that is not only just a mom but a best friend! My dad for showing me a value of a dollar. He taught me responsibility!
A sister-That i do love, even tho we do not see eye to eye. And i absolutely love my neice and nephew :)

4. My friends- There are times that my friends have carried me far in my life.

5. My Job-I glad that i have one! I actually like my job. Can be stressful sometimes but the pro's out weigh the con's.

6. My house-It's a great place. This would include my neighbors that are all around me.

7. My sense of humour- I can find the funny in almost anything! I adore making people laugh! ok..i won't be selfish here....And for my kids sense of humour! they can make me laugh out of the clear, blue, sky .

8. I am thankful to be alive!- 2 years ago was when i had my heart attack, that i did not know that i was having, I also would be GRATEFUL if i could see my kids grow up.

9. I'm thankful that i am not a drug addict.

10. I'm thankful for the vacations that i have been on.

Well this is what i came up for now...I will list more later...i'm sleepy, sleepy, sleepy


gammamoma said...

BRAVO! You couldn't have said it better!

Dak-Ind said...

its awesome your children are doing so well in school. everytime "brother duck the elder" gets a report card we all hold our breath, even though we keep up during the semester and KNOW that he is doing well, its still a "moment". I love the thankful list, i have seen a few and have just been to lazy to get mine done. btw, the michelle bit, she is on my sidebar, she does a weekend meet and greet where you leave a comment and then visit the person who left a comment above you. then the next person visits you and says "michelle sent me" its a fun way to spread comment cheer!

MrsDoF said...

Tell the kids Congratulations for good report cards. Struggles to get the answers follow through all of life, but this is a good road to get on early. Having caring parents helps, too.

Your list of Thankfuls is a fine one. I should start one of my own, so that maybe my outlook would brighten up if I count what I have rather than what needs to be done.