Saturday, December 10, 2005

Just call me betty crocker!

Today was a lazy day, I had taken the day off work and got some sleep, housework and errands done.

I started baking again. Today on the menu was pineapple cookies and peanut butter cookies.
My son loves the pineapple cookies and have begged me for days to make them. I think i might bake some more cookies on Monday.

Got worse information on my husband's truck. It's going to cost us more than we thought. Apparently its a cracked head. Thank god the mechanic has a good heart and feeling the Christmas spirit. He told me that he will let me have the truck and make payments on it every Friday. Good news because my husband has a hard time getting home without a vehicle. He has a ride to work, but because he gets off work at different times its hard to have a definite ride. It figures when we are about to get rid of it around March, it would do this.

I'm happy that i got all my decorations up. Just in time for all the snow that we got. This weather is very unpredictable. The snow looked beautiful when i got up on Friday. I thought the kids would not have school, but apparently the snow fall was not bad enough and i got plenty of dirty looks while dropping them off at school. The roads were not that bad so i see why they were open. After school i thought i would not hear the end of MOMMMMMMM there was only like 10 people in our class. Well look at it this way, your not going to have double the homework on Monday. :)

time for bed! later

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