Tuesday, December 20, 2005


For some reason Sunday was a big day of bowling for most of us, but Darin went above and beyond!

Darin's highest score was a 122, it is now replaced with a whopping 141!!!!! Go Darin!
Amber almost beat her new high score of 105 but just came a little short. Maybe after the 2 week break we will all make new records! I think the new balls are helping alot!
Scores were:
Amber 57, 85, 103
Darin 141, 69, 114
Frank 130, 90, 127
Caroline 119, 129, 120

I've been trying different things when i bowl and i think i might have got something that i can do with my bowling. We will see if my average goes up.


I can't believe Christmas is only a few days away. I will be finishing on Christmas Eve. :P
I still haven't gotten my mothers. But i do know what i want to get her. I just hope that i am able to find it. If not i have a back up plan. Mom is like the hardest person to buy for, because there are the usual things that you get your mother and she would be just happy with that. But i always try to find something that she wants but won't spend the money on herself.

I have just a few more gifts to buy, which is impressive because with hardly any money and trying to keep my head above water, I'm lucky to be this far.
I hope that you all are having better luck than I!


I can't believe the weather, Unusual is the only word i can think of. I'm glad that i got my lights out when i did, otherwise it probably would not have gotten done. I just hope we get a break right after Christmas to take it all down fast. I love the Christmas stuff but when the holiday is over i don't like to keep it up! I look for a little more normalsy right after.

Well if i don't get to say it later i will say it now.

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