Monday, December 05, 2005

Tis the season!

God there is so much to say. Been busy, busy, busy.

Amber woke up sick this morning, she woke me up this morning around 5 in the morning saying she did not feel very well. After i said "if you don't have a fever, your going to school". I felt her forehead and indeed she was burning up! I gave her some motrin and she was sleeping like a log after that. She stayed home today, and of course my day does not stop for a sick child. I had to bundle her up to help my mother do her errands. Then once we got home i decided not to waste the day and start baking!

I only bake cookies one month out of the year and you guessed it! For Christmas! I started with 4 loaves of banana bread. One for my mother, 2 neighbors and for ourselves. After that i picked a new cookie for the holiday. I usually pick one different new recipe for cookies and this one was called peanut butter banana cookie. It tastes as good as it sounds. It is made with crunchy peanut butter, pretty easy to make and is delicious! After that i started with my famous pumpkin cookie. Everyone is begging for these! After that i was wiped out. Hopefully i will find time to do some more this week.

Frank had his Christmas party on Saturday. I enjoy these because we get to go to other cities and stay at fancy hotels. The past 2 years they did a show and dinner thing. This year we got to go see some comedians perform on stage. God they were funny, They did this big skit on Blockbusters and the "No late fee thing". I really laughed my butt off! Then they did a skit on a eye glass place on 8 mile, where the techs would be doing strip shows. lol
They were really funny. After the show we just hid in our room and watched TV. Are we getting old or what? Usually we go to the after party, party, in one of the hotel rooms and talk and drink. But i guess this year we wanted some peace and quiet.

Frank's truck went into the shop for repair on Friday, and Saturday they called to tell us that it needed a major tune up badly. Ouch! Well today they called and said that there is more work involved which is more money. I was about to cry, when i asked him if he would accept installment payments, and he said that he would work with me. Thank God he works at the end of my mothers block and we have seen eachother many times. He did some work on my mini van when the air conditioning went out and i was very pleased with his work. He called me a" nice lady" and that he would work with me and understood it's the holidays. Thank you Jesus!

Sunday bowling was fun, the kids got their new balls and are bowling way over their averages! Amber bowled over her high score of 97 and beat it by bowling a 105!!! GO AMBER!

Amber 105, 90, 86 ...this is way better than the 30's and 40's she used to!
Darin 112, 114,96
Frank 107,138,129
Me 95,97,80

Yes i know, I suck! lol. But in my defense i was tired as all hell! These days are hectic and sleep is an option these days.

On Wednesday i left my mothers a bit early to take advantage of a nice day and put out my Christmas decorations. I did not take everything out there, I could make it look like national Lampoon's Christmas vacation, but i was not really in the mood to deck it out. I made it a simple but pretty. I will try and take pictures and show you.

Mom's been trying to put her decorations up at her house. Believe me all week i have heard how messed up i made everything. I did the best i could do without any help from anyone. It needed to come down and she was in the hospital. I had to laugh when she said you should have left it up. "Until May or June?" that's about when she was finally able to do things on her own again. I just told her " YOUR NOT ALOUD TO GET SICK AT CHRISTMAS EVER AGAIN!"


Well, I still have alot to say but my eyes are already in bed. I think i will go join them. lol

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