Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hello All

Things have been pretty boring lately. But i hope that i can come up with something to say.
Easter turned out pretty good, my father treated us all out to eat. I thought that was really awesome. Everything was fine, quiet but fine. Mom was proud because me and my sister did not go on the war path. I have figured out that it is just not worth it.

The kids had to go on a scavenger hunt for the things they got. I would have paid money to see my kids first thing in the morning when they looked for easter baskets and they did not find them. My husband was up and he said that they walked out and looked around with the look of well where are they. He sent them in to wake me up, mind you that i went to bed around 4 in the morning making notes and hiding the items and was woke up at 7 in the morning. So i stumbled into the living room and their daddy pointed to the notes on the entertainment center. The kids were all over the house. One outfit sent them to another outfit, then to another. Finally my daughter goes "Is this it?" ""clothes?" I said" I don't know...keep following the notes." Finally they got to the baskets of candy.

You know they dropped all the clothes and dived right into the chocolate. So then i went back to bed for a few more hours of sleep, but you know how that goes, a big YEH RIGHT! I was woke up every 15 minutes for something. Oh well , anyways we then went out to eat and then i went to work! :( It always gets to me that the customers say "I feel sorry for you because you have to work on Easter" I always want to say "yeh right, that's why your here now!"
This goes with any holidays mind ya.
How was everyone elses holiday?


To be honest i have not been watching much lately. I rented "Ray" this was pretty good...I had no idea that he was so heavy into the drugs and things. I can't believe how much crap his wife put up with.
It's just been a slow couple weeks for blockbuster, but we are getting some that i know i want to check out.

I had a customer come to my register and i asked "how are you today" he answered "shitty, not that you care". First i did not know how to take it, but honestly...does anyone care anymore?
I answered him with " I care, I can at least say I'm sorry that your having a bad day"
I honestly know how it feels when you are having a horrible day and someone asks, and you want to be honest and say crappy but instead you say fine. Well by the end of our little conversation he left with a smile on his face and thanked me for being nice.
Lately i can say that i have not been that nice to my customers and that's why i know its time for a break from work. Thank God for April 4th. This is the start of a weeks worth of staying home and getting paid for it! VACATION! I'm not going anywhere...just a break from the hub bub of work.

The electricity is done in my house....Yehhhhhhhhhhhhh! No more fuses. I've got my ceiling fan up. I feel like i am in heaven. Frank is in love with the lights in the garage! I really hated spending all that money on that. But honestly it's worth it. Especially when the guy said that the wire outside was in very bad condition and it was definitely a fire hazard!


Well folks i'm starting to babble and get tired so you all have a great weekend.

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